Joiner ???

Don't know anything about it. Is the only place to get v-nails?

The placement for the foot lever appears to be fixed, can't really tell though. What if you wanted it on the side?
Just some questions I would have.

Oh and had Brazil never seen an underpinner before? "When this machine was first introduced in Brazil it sold more than 100 machines per month for 3 months straight".
Hey, GMFF (if that is your real name ;) ), welcome to The Grumble.

I seem to recall someone mentioning a Brazilian underpinner a few months ago. Try clicking on the <u>search</u> button at the top of the page and look for either/or “IM-2” and/or “Brazil” or “Brazilian” under the Grumble pop down menu. You might get lucky.
I used this machine at a framing course I attended.They had this machine and a manual Casse model. The Casse was much sturdier and worked alot smoother. It was also more adjustable for the used.
The only advantage to this unit is the low $$$.
I have this underpinner and I bought it from Mine is the SE version. I don't know the difference, but mine came the support wings that bolt on to the side.

So far, I like it a lot. The tube steel frame seems plenty solid and it does a good job pinning. You will, however, need to get a feel for this machine to use it correclty. With softer woods, you have to go easier or crush the wood a bit. After a while, you can feel the cycle as you push the foot lever down and get it right every time. I learn quick, after compressing a corner of a soft frame, I never did that since.