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John Singer Sargent Portraits in Charcoal at the National Portrait Gallery


Humble Picture Framer
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Oct 9, 2007
This is an inspirational way to spend a few minutes. We are able to see a number of exhibits online as the museums are closed.



Angry Badger
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Sep 1, 2000
I got to work on a JSS charcoal portrait once. It was of the son of the founder of the BSO, and JSS was a frequent dinner guest in their home. He did this quick portrait as a gift to the family.
When it came to me it had been stored in an un-air conditioned garage in a frame with broken glass wrapped in plastic. There were holes in it from bugs and lots of stains from the same bugs. Restoration took about 16 months, but when it returned it looked like new. The paper had been analyised and recreated using pulp to fill in the voids. Very little of the image was missing, guess the bugs didn't like charcoal. It was amazing just getting to see it that close up.
The family continued having me work on pieces that had fallen to disrepair. Whistler, LaFarge, Morris, and Audubon among them, but the Sargent was the one that I remember the best.

Rick Granick

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 30, 1999
Wow, that is fantastic, Wally. That family must have had quite a collection.
Thanks for sharing this, Greg. I'm very concerned about the financial future for many museums.
:kaffeetrinker-2: Rick
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