Jim Miller

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
Hey, Jim!

Get some sleep. You have a big day tomorrow.
Well, Jim did have a big day today, as did everyone fortunate-enough to hear his two presentations at the Wisconsin PPFA chapter meeting today.

Several people came up to me after the morning session and told me that Jim's discussion of clear film mounting was the best presentation they had ever heard on any topic by anyone.

Jim Miller is one of the best examples we have that, in our industry at least, those that can do, sometimes teach.

If you ever have an opportunity to hear him speak on FACTS or clear film mounting or shadowbox framing or any other topic he cares to talk about, do not miss it.
Ron's right - Jim's presentation was great!! Thanks very much Jim. We appreciated your making the trip and leaving us with so much valuable information. Don't forget folks, FACTS needs our support ($). The information that is offered from FACTS benefits us all and the people who are making it happen are being very generous with their time and efforts.

Amy McCray
Those of you involved in a PPFA chapter need to let your leadership know (unless you ARE the leadership) that you'd like quality programming at your meetings.

It costs money and it takes some effort, but in the past year, we've had Marc Bluestone, Greg Perkins and Jim Miller. In April, we'll have Brian Wolfe.

Then, in June, we're gonna take a break and play some golf.

People who say, "What's the PPFA done for me lately?" haven't gotten involved in a chapter. The PPFA expects to develop five new chapters in the next year so, if you don't have one, let them know you want one.