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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 7, 2001
I don't know if any of you deal with JFM Enterprises, but I'm a bit frustrated. They are always out of stock of something on my order and it can take months to restock. I have lost some good orders because they also sell to artists. The clincher came today. I placed an e-mail order last week. I received an email confirmation with an invoice #. I called today to confirm a ship date because a client needed a frame out of the order SOON. They had no record of my order! Seems the online order person is gone and the person who picked up the slack was out sick. Okay, so I re-ordered on the phone. Out of 8 styles, only one was in stock, and not the one I need quickly. Do any of you have a more reliable company I can use? I buy a lot of the flat, simple profiles. Also, this one has been discontinued but I have a customer who will buy a lot if I can find another supplier. http://jfmenterprises.net/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=B051-4229&reference=/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi%3Fsearch%3Daction%26keywords%3D051-4229%26searchstart%3D0%26template%3Dtemp lates/SearchResult.html[/IMG] Thanks!
I ordered a frame for a customer three weeks ago via voice mail to Rita. No confirmation call. So I called this week and insisted on leaving a real non-voice mail message for Rita with someone! I'm tired of being hung out to dry buy "put off" voice mail systems. This was Tuesday............still no call back. Made a frame from out of stock..........if I get a call back I'll tell them sorry but I will use Tara (Hi-Jo) or Kendall in the future...........which I suggest you do?
I don't know why you guys put up with this.

Evald Moulding, Watertown, Wisconsin.

250 styles of ready-mades, including mix-and-match fillets and linen liners. 28 sizes. Or, with 5-or-more, any size you want.

I order on Wednesday afternoon. They deliver on Friday morning. Rarely out-of-stock on anything.

You're not on their delivery route? (Trust me, you're not on their delivery route.) Have 'em ship it. You'll get them in a few days.

Call them at 800-873-3300. Jenny is the office manager. Ask her for a catalog. You won't regret it.

Should this be on the commercial forum?
Ron, I just spoke to Jane and ordered a catalogue...I told them you reccomended them and when I mentioned your name she groaned and hung up on me! ;) Seriously, thanks for the tip. I'll let you know what I think when I get the catalogue!
Oh no! You talked to Jane? Jane doesn't even work there, she just hacks into the phone system sometimes.

Thanks a lot, Diane.

The last time someone mentioned my name to Evald, I got calls from the office manager, the president of the company, my sales rep and my previous sales rep - all thanking me for the referral.

I'll alert my answering machine.