Jay Goltz to speak at Culver open house.


PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 20, 2001
Powell, OH
Jay Goltz will be speaking on "Pricing stratagies for a competitive market" at the Culver Art & Frame open house in the Columbus, Ohio area. April 22. Hours for the open house are 2pm-8pm.

Culvers is located at 7890 North Central Dr. in Lewis Center, Ohio (just north of town).
For more information contact Culvers's at 800-882-2298 or culver@culverframe.com
Jay gives a great presentation. You're going to love it!

He was the guest at one of our PPFA meetings last year, which had a HUGE turnout.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Dave. That's something I can actually go to.
Bring Marie, too!
I am going to get this on my calendar and try to attend.
All you Ohio framers, don't miss this one.

edie the beentheredonethatgonnadoitagain goddess
Hi Edie. I told Marie about it today. I called Culver to get the schedule. Jay Goltz is going to talk at 3 and 7. The talk at 3 is about customer service. The one at 7 is about pricing strategies and competition.

So, do we close the shop early and go down for both talks? We're going to have to work this out. I don't want to miss a thing. I hope to see you there!

Thanks again Dave for mentioning it.
Maybe we could have a grumbler dinner between the two talks. Let me know.
"Estimated Total Driving Time:
5 hours, 55 minutes"


Tell him I said "hi" too. He doesn't have the slightest clue who I am but it might be neat anyway.
In the Northern Rockies chapter they drive up to 8 hours for seminars.

California might be a bit far though.
For any Grumblers going to this event, I doubt they will have name tags like at the conventions, so let's figure out a way to identify ourselves to one another. Perhaps we could pin on a green ribbon or something with a "G" on it? Any other suggestions?
I like Dave's suggestion about a Grumbler dinner. Hope to see a number of you all there.
:cool: Rick
Cool. I'll go to a Grumbler dinner. Where's a good place? The only place I've eaten near there is Panera in that shopping center with World Market, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.
My first thougt was Claddah Irish Pub (great fish & chips). But there is Martini's & Caramba's(both italian) as well as the usual Red Lobster, Friday's, Olive Garden etc...
"Mmmmmm...fish 'n' chips...."
:cool: Rick

So far it looks like Dave, Jana, Me, and hopefully Edie. Anyone else coming? My rep told me they expect a good turn-out so it may be crowded. Once we find each other and determine how many of us there are, maybe we can call ahead from there for seating info.
Todays the day. Hope to see you all there.
That was fun. Jay Goltz is a very informative and entertaining speaker.
Thanks to Crescent and Culver for bringing him to Columbus.

So what if I locked my keys in the trunk. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the tour, Dave. It was nice to meet Rick, too. :cool: Grumblers rule! ;)

We missed you, Edie. :(
Ditto what Jana said, except change the word "Rick" to "Jana".

It was fun to see Culver's facility too, and to put some faces to the names and voices we hear on the phone when ordering. Seeing the place gives a good perspective on the role of the distributor, and what they have invested in the smooth functioning of our businesses.
Culver is a family-run firm staffed by friendly and dedicated people.
Thanks again for hosting!
:cool: Rick