I've lost my mind!


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Jul 30, 1997
Ok! I'm wasting my time but having fun
installing and configuring a old DOS computer to
browse the g with. It's now up with the help of
even sicker puppys than me, they wrote and
maintain a DOS web browser. It called Arachne.

Some folks just won't let go I guess. It runs
nice but is no XP.

Topic: I've lost my mind!

Bill, seems like I SAW your mind SOMEwhere, but I can't remember where...Dang! Now I'll be up all night trying to find it!!!

If I DO find it, will it be able to get home on its own, or do I need to FedEx it to you?

Oh, wait...did you actually LOSE it, or did it escape, and is hiding in self-defense? Mine does that a lot. When it's had enough, it runs away and hides behind the couch. Bo usually finds it for me.
If you've lost your mind, sign me up too!

I'm still a heavy dos user. You can do things so much faster than Windows with it. I haven't played with a dos web browser though.

One of the clients I support still has 4 DOS ONLY terminals on their Novell LAN. (4.77 and 7 mhz, and been online 24/7 since the early 80s. They don't make em like that anymore!) I maintain and write reports for them in Clipper, which is a dos compiler. Clipper works in dos and Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/98SE but NOT 2000 or XP. As such the highest reliable version we can use is 98SE. They have about 20 98SE machines, which is what most employees use. The dos machines have been moved into semi retirement for print servers/queue monitors, etc. They're only used because I want to see how long they'll last

It's a company that is going under and converting thousands of programs at this point isnt a reality. ($) The DOS stuff is so reliable that they decided to ride it out until the end.
I hate to one up you Mike but I've been programming with clipper since 86. v5.3 works with w2k and XP I've never compiled with 5.2 with W2k but I've run apps fine on W2k and XP. If I remember the debug feature went south but I know I got it working in W2k at some point. When I need that special bit of code for something I still code it 1st in clipper.

You do need to tweek a few areas on the video and your tip a couple years ago for using netuse to direct the printer output was what made it useable in w2k and xp.

We're using 5.2E, which likes our code.

We tried 5.3 but had problems with some bugs it has.

Our problem with 2k and XP has to do with Novell mapped network drives and how Clipper sees them.

We're getting too geeky here

If memory serves, didnt you write a whole Framing POS system in clipper?
When I 1st got 5.3 I hated it. It really should have been named 6.0. It was different in feel and programing. They were trying to get us to think into the future for VO. The framing program POS was started with summer 87 and finished with 5.2. About two years before I started my store I thought I might use it again if I re-wrote it for 5.3. 5.3 really did have some pluses over 5.2 but the rewrite knowing I had a worthless commercial product was dumb.