ITW/AMP Disc Sander ...How wide ???


True Grumbler
Jan 11, 2003
Pensacola Florida
Ok Guys....I have read about 17,337 post looking for this info and can't seem to find the specs !!! I couldn't even find it on their website ....
How wide of a moulding/long of a miter will the AMP disc sander sand ?(This sort of sounds like the if Peter Piper Picked a Pail of Pickled...well you get the gest I am sure !!!
I did see something I think Tony/Kasandra posted about there being an 8" available space for sanding (?)....But from your personal experience how wide do you think it will go...
Thanks for all your time and help...
J. Michael
Sanding surface available is 8 1/2 inches but I would be hesitant to go that wide. About a 6 inch max would be Ok. That translates to about a 4 to 4 1/2 inch wide moulding. 5 inches could be done but with extreme caution to keep it flat.