It's still being worked on


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Jul 30, 1997
I still have a couple of issues with the server to deal with. I hope it says up.

More later...
Just when I was finally able to get some legitimate work accomplished in the last day or so, now you have to go and fix this d*** site.

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do on our behalf, and for getting things back on line!

I know how frustrating it can be when an internet provider does an upgrade and breaks everything in the process.

The only minor differences I see so far:
I had to sign in again and lost pointers, topic list went away and rebuilt itself, " message boards >>" on top navigation bar.

Really weird deal.....I was on the G yesterday and had just started looking. I went into a forum and couldn't get back in. Then the main forum page was like it was stuck on January 24. It had me listed as the last one to post on a topic in Warped and it was dated January 24. I was a bit concerned because I hadn't been on the G for a couple days and I couldn't imagine how I posted since I hadn't. Then, every forum I went into the last posting date was the 24th. :eek: Since yesterday was the 30th, I knew something was up. I then started questioning the time continuum and where I fit in. I also questioned how I could be 6 days ahead of everybody else. Just when I was questioning my sanity, the whole thing went kaflooey and then I thought I broke the Grumble. :eek: Then I was really worried because I knew if Ron found out I broke the Grumble he would hunt me down like a dog, so you can imagine I had a very worrisome day yesterday.

Then, Ron emailed and said it was a maintenance thing and to not be alarmed. Then I thought that had to be a trick, so I didn't fall for it. I spent a good part of the night last night writing personal apologies to each and every Grumbler, and then I soon lost interest due to a Queer Eye rerun.

So, now I see all is well. Thank goodness.

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I'll take an apology, 'cause somehow, someway, you are always responsible.

Strange colors, blackouts, etc...

and now this - shutting down the site completely just because of your mood swings.

:mad: I say, send the dogs out!!!
Yes, Yes Thank you! I didn't realize how much I'm hooked on grumbling until the grumble wasn't there! Thank you!
I knew if Ron found out I broke the Grumble he would hunt me down like a dog,
Close, but not quite.

I would hunt you down WITH dogs.

I was thinking Rhodesian Ridgebacks or perhaps Anatolian Shepherds (which don't herd at all) or maybe even a mixed pack. The dog park is closed for the season, so there are a lot of really big, bored dogs around here.

Glad you got the email, Emibub. I had four addresses for you and three of them were wrong.
"Voting Booth" and "Home Made Equipment" appear broken.

For those that know I'm locked out of any control at this point. My ID and password don't work along with FTP access and the email I use don't work yet. It's not out of the fire yet.

Framer I have said it before and I'll say it again. I am in AWE of what you do. I can't keep on schedule at my shop nor can I post a correctly spelled and puncuated message . However you do all that and fix this marvelous thing ,which I use but haven't the foggiest idea how it operates,nor can I find time to learn.
Thanks a million times ,Thanks.
Okay, every Grumbler find a buddy. (It doesn't have to be Buddy Drago.) That way, if the lights go out again, you won't be alone.

And if you feel your buddy starting to slip into despair, give his or her hand a little squeeze and say, "It'll be all right!"

Pretend you mean it.

Or, drop me an email (it's a very easy address to remember: and I'll give you directions to a temporary meeting place.

Unfortunately, most of the alternative sites for framers are not very friendly. They are the biker bars of the framing world, but even the bikers get beat up there on a regular basis.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, I suggest we all say a little prayer for The Grumble before we call it a day.