It's Official, we are a real chapter!


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
I just wanted to report on Mountains and Plains very first chapter meeting. It was a huge success. We had a great turnout and a very positive "buzz" could be felt throughout. This is the start of something big. All of us board members worked really hard to get this thing off the ground and are all breathing a sigh of relief now that the first one is over.

Just a few public thanks......

Colorado Moulding for hosting the event.

Lots of doorprizes!

Our local suppliers...
ABC Moulding
Lachey Moulding

National Suppliers...
United Maufacturers
Roma Moulding
Larson Juhl

....and last but not least...thanks to Jim Miller for giving two awe inspiring talks on framing. I knew Jim was knowledgeable but what a treat to spend time with him and catch his enthusiasm for the art of framing. Plus, who knew he was so cool? Thanks Jim, for making our first event so successful!
Congratulations, Kathy, on your new chapter. There isn't much cameraderie in the framing community around here (which makes the Grumble such an essential resource), so I applaud your ability to organize this venture. I know it will benefit all involved.
You go, girl !
Rick, I read your comment on another thread about framers not wanting to mingle.......I am going to start a petition to make Ohio part of our chapter just so long as you are willing to travel for meetings of course!

We want more participation here too. My hope is once this thing takes off more will join in when they see the benefits to having a local chapter.
Congratulations, Kathy.

Chapters are where it's at, and I hope yours is a huge success.
Kathy congratulations to you and everybody who is involved in starting this Chapter.

You have reminded me of the early days when I first joined and was active in my chapter.

Keep the gatherings interesting and informative and generate as large a core of active participants as you can.

It can get very daunting to work so hard and find that you are carring the load mostly on your own.That situation will also cause you to take time away from devlopeing your own business.Hence it is vital to have others who will share the reposibility of organizing and chairing meetings and other gatherings.

But if you are succesfull you will throughly enjoy getting together with your new Family. That is why I enjoy TFG .It is like a chapter without all the hard work and logistics ( framer and the moderators are doing it for me).But if All grumblers were in one location and contributing as they currently do it what be the basis for a wonderful Chapter.maybe you can use TFG as a model of what you need and want in a sucessfull Chapter.
PS Just in case I sound too negative ,you can find what I think is a very relative thread by Betty Newman in the business segment intitled "Co-Op- Petition" .But pay most attention to the last comment from Kevin Colbert ;"It is never a risk to share what you know. It is only a risk if you then do it for them."
Buddy, I couldn't agree more about sharing what you know. Considering the enormity of the BB share of the framing pie, I think it is absolutley important to stick together and to share ideas, that is what the chapter is all about, to me anyway.
You are making a very good point but don't miss tha end of that quote.If you have to do everything to keep the rest interested it may take a very big toll on your BUSINESS. But if your chapter is full of inthusiastic ,cooperative volunteers it'll be a dream come true.I've seen both situations with the same group of people.