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CONSUMER ALERT ITALY Bologna October show cancelled

Keith L Hewitt

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Forum Donor
May 26, 2006
October show in Bologna cancelled

I was about to send out on Sunday 5th my Munken UPDATE to 204 people in about 50 countries
Its includes a plug for the October show in Bologna, which most of my distributors will visit
We also expect a fair number of USA exhibitors and visitors.
The organisers knew this back in the middle of June that it was cancelled, but they still have not informed many of the exhibitors

Considering we paid in full back in January, this is totally unacceptable behaviour.

Their website on July 6th still says its going ahead
http://www.famaart.it/en/famaart-is-the ... /2070.html

I know people who have booked and paid for their flights

Aaaaah such are the delights of doing business with the Italians

Mike Labbe

Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Jun 25, 2002
I wouldn't be surprised to see many other shows and events canceled, too, even into early 2021. Hopefully things get back to normal by mid 2021!


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Jul 14, 2008
Thanks for the alert, Keith!

I se the same thing happen for many of the local e ents, not framing related.

I don’t think anything will be “on” until a year from now
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