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Allen Stover

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Mar 5, 2004
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Hopefully some of you out there can help me out with a problem I'm having. I've had a customer come to me with a request for a mat that has an italic font. She's just looking for something that is slanted, nothing too fancy. I can't, for the life of me, get the wizard to cut any of the true-type fonts that appear to be italicized.

The customer would need a lot of these mats cut for her and insists on this type of font. The clincher to the whole thing is that she has a sample that another store cut for her on the west coast. She's informed me that the sample was cut on an eclipse cmc.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


When you say you can't get them to cut, what do you mean? It won't cut them, or they're too small and break blades?

It should work with any true type font you dl from the internet, providing you're cutting it big enough for the machine to handle. Italic fonts tend to have a lot of angles, and may require a slightly larger size than block fonts.

Hopefully Steve or Dani from Wizard will chime in with some better advice. I know they both monitor this forum on a daily basis.


I saw a copy of the Font you are speaking of. For the size you want(2" tall), the advice I gave before you still stands. You may need to save the TTF in Multi as a Path and edit it in Cadd.

Look carefully and determine where in the design it is breaking blades. Is it on a sharp turn? Is it on a small radii arc? Is it breaking in only certain spots in certain letters? Editing it in VCADD should help. If it's breaking in the small arcs, you could try editing it so perhaps a straight line goes into an arc that isn't as small.

And, again, we still have custom mat services here. Send me a clear image of what you would like drawn. (I still am not able to install the Font you sent me).
That;s just it... I never get to the point where it will even let me break a blade. At this point, I would take a broken blade as a step in the right direction.

After I get done editing the mat, I hit the button to go into the cut screen, and I get an error. It tells me "invalid floating point operation", or something to that effect.

Dani, when i sent the mat to Ken to take a look at, he said that it cut just fine on the test machine, but I get this error on the exact same file that I sent him. Is there an issue with my softwate that I need to address. According to ken, I was running the latest version.... 5.03.1224

The other error I seem to be getting this morning is "floating point division by zero". Like Dani said, I'm trying to cut the opening at 2" tall. If the machine tries to cut a font and it tears, I can understand that I either need to enlarge the letter, alter the letter, or just forget the font.

My problem is that I can't get into the "cut screen" due to the errors that I'm getting.
That sounds like a software issue, not a procedural one.

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Have you tried a different font? The original font you sent me didn't appear to be a TTF as it wouldn't install as a font.
Ok, did a little more research. The file we received from you was a saved mat which puts a link to the TTF. Since we don't have that font on our computer, it substituted Arial, which cut fine here.

Have you tried saving this Mat as a Path and opening it in Cadd? On the Editor, Click File Save Path As and give it a file name. In Cadd, click the Load Path Button ("W") and locate the file to open.

Try simply retracing (PathTrace) the design and save it as a CutArt. If you need help with any of the above, call our Customer Support for specific details.

No dice. I converted the mat into a cutart but still get the Invalid Floating Point Operation error.


Do any of you have a suggestion for an italicised font that actually works. I'd rather not have to alter every letter just to use something. I'm not overly picky as to what the font looks like, it just needs to be italic.
Don't you just hate it when they just can't give you the answer you want..
I've worked with a few fonts, but haven't found an italic font that will cut properly without doing some kind of alterations or having it jumbo size. I have a Gunner Rapido and the company I deal with here in OZ is fantastic, and they tell me what I want to hear instead of trial and error.
and time is money.

And this was quoted:
"again, we still have custom mat services here." If they just tell you the font that cuts well on the CMC, then you wouldn't have to use thier custom mat service.

Good Luck & if I come across one that cuts well, I'll pass it on......
Have your tried Arial Black in italic?? I haven't used it yet, but I use it alot normally.
And this was quoted:
"again, we still have custom mat services here." If they just tell you the font that cuts well on the CMC, then you wouldn't have to use thier custom mat service.
If you look at one of these threads:;f=1;t=005102 (towards the bottom)

and especially this thread;f=4;t=000406;p=2

A great deal of TTF fonts cut very well. Many don't, and unfortunately italicized fonts tend towards the latter. We've discussed the possibility of "certifying" TTFs but the time and energy that would take would be enormous (and one of the reason why several CMC manufacturers supply their own set of fonts). That said, it sounds like Allen's error (invalid floating point) is something entirely different.

Allen, if you could send us the TTF or your latest cutart from it that would be very helpful to understand the problem you're having. I have a feeling we've fixed it already in the upgcoming software release, but I can verify exactly what's happening and probably suggest a work-around.