It is Good Friday... How many of us are open?


Open also, even though I could have been on vacation for the last two weeks. "Where's the Beef?"

We're open but might close an hour early...

The weather is great today and it's like a ghost town.

Open, but thinking about closing early. It has been a very slow week, warm and sunny. My garden is calling me.
It has been well worth being open today! lots of customers, I guess every other frameshop must be closed. (Thanks guys!)

Open, but the majority of folks calling or coming in have been loonies. One came in with a wedding portrait that had been altered and neglected on an ongoing cycle for the past 30 years. It is a hand colored b&w that had subsequently been painted with acrylics, overpainted with acrylic media, sprayed by a cat, and then stored in an attic to be covered in attic grime. She wanted to know what I could do for $50 to clean it up....really nostalgic aboout it.
Yup, I'm here too. Sloooooow week.

I'll talk abot loonies if I may. I had a lady come in yesterday who had a picture slide off the mantel. She had just bought it and had placed it on her mantel. She was too lazy to hang it. she said it had crashed to the ground in the middle of the night. It shattered in a jillion pieces. She brought it to me to fix. This thing has so many scratches in it, shards of glass embedded in it. It is a cheap poster beautifully framed in one of these preframed jobbies. I think the poster is easily replaceable. But, no, she wants to attempt to touch up the scratches with eye shadow. :eek: I told her this would not work and make a bigger mess. She insisted, she even brought her eye shadow kit with her for me to use. :eek: I've never been asked to do this before. She was miffed I wouldn't help her do it. She started in on it herself and as I predicted it left a smear and oily spot on her nice poster on shiny paper.

We're at a stalemate now. I told her to go get some watercolor markers that were permanent and meanwhile I will rebuild her frame with an extra PIA fee tacked on for the eye shadow incident of course. I mean, somebody has to penalize her.....
Open, but I've only had two folks in today. Neither one appears to be a loonie, though. 3 browser and UPS today.
I may close early, it's a nice day

I'm open tommorrow 11-4 and closed on Sunday.

Everybody have a nice Easter
I had a rush job to get out before Easter and the LJ truck just delivered the mouldings this morning so I am present and accounted for. I just couldn't say no to this nice old lady who operated an interior decorating store here in town for over 24 years. I am hoping that she will like my work and hook me up with some of her old business friends for future framing. Ya just never know how that one act of kindness will come full circle and bring dividends to your business.

I am getting alot of business in here on Mondays (I am closed on Mondays but have been in the shop the last few Mondays) and am considering opening on Mondays if this trend continues. I don't get alot of business on Saturdays. That is beach day for many people and I just may start closing on Saturdays and stay open on Mondays. I had more business in this past Monday than I had on Tues., Wed., and Thurs., combined!!


And busy..... made my week in one day!! Love that to happen!!

Thought it would be slow and I could play hooky - but certainly glad it worked out the way it did.

I am taking monday off - the WHOLE day!! I think I deserve it!


several good jobs came in, a few gallery walk-ins and one haggle over painting price. They will buy. :rolleyes:
Spent a good part of the day with Jean, Ivan and two Spanish friends (Lucy was doing her own thing) at Powerscourt
ESTATE ….despite it been only up the road from me I had never been there before……if you are planning a trip to Ireland put it on the agenda…….

Have a great Easter everyone.

We're Open again, but were closed from Noon to 3pm as we have on every Good Friday for the past 25 years.

Definitely in the minority - CLOSED today and Saturday.
Our books show so little business during Easter week (combined with Tax Day this year) that we decided to close.

Will reopen Monday as usual.
Opened today. Flat tire on way to work. LJ delivery, 6 customers - 4 w/new work, 2 for pkups, no loonies today.

Y'all have a great Easter!
Open here
. Did take a loooooong lunch to meet with some buddies froma a past life :cool:
Then wandered back up the highway and opend for a few hours. At least I can admit to being open today, but haven't had any business
But I left part-timer in charge and left early. Hope for better week next week.

Candi Dunlap
Curry's Frame Farm
Waynesboro, VA
we were open, and pretty busy up until 5. Then the entire store was abandoned. Seems everyone left Manhattan at the same time...

I also had a loonie. She had an 8 1/2 x 14 photograph she wanted to frame small. She said the photo was already too big, and she wanted it to sit on a window sill. She wanted me to put it into an 11 x 14 ready made frame, and cut two strips of board for the top and bottom. I was able to convince her to put it into a 12 x 16. I still don't like it, but at least it will look better than shoving it in a 11 x 14.
Open, slow day, sold a few ready made frames, thats about it. Whole week has been slow, only thing I can think of it's my attitude. We received a whole rack of geegaws in from British Columbia, dream catchers, feathers, beads, crystals, etc. we didn't sell one of them today, bummer.

The only loonie in my store today was me. I ended up staying until closing. I had all my business between 2 and 5...happy to stay for paying customers.

Closing at noon tomorrow to go to an Art Festival.
We were closed, it's illegal for us to open on Good Friday (also Christmas Day and ANZAC Day morning). Today (Sat) was quite good, but too many Canadians...
Stayed open all day yesterday, finished up the rush job, customer came in, her credit card was denied when I swiped it!! I know that she was very embarassed but she had a prior dispute about some charges that were made on her card and they put it on hold until they checked out the charges as they were very large charges.
She happened to bring along her niece and she used her card to pay for the framing.

I had some unexpected guests from Southern I******* stop in to say "Hi" so I was very glad I stayed and was here when they stopped in. It's always nice to see old friends again.

Today is heading up into the 80's so it is going to be very difficult to resist the "call of the beach" for me! I have a few pieces to finish up but my heart isn't really in it today. I crave the sun and surf and a little hike on the beach with the vicious guard dog! :cool:

If no paying customers by noon, I may close early and find some sand to squish around in. I really do have alot to thank God for this Easter. And I hope that the rest of my framing friends will take the time to give thanks for all the bountiful gifts that this celebration of sacrifice has allowed us to enjoy.

Have a Happy and Safe Easter!

Good Friday is not a holiday (here anyway), so I was open. We did all our business by 3:00, but stayed until 5:30. Those are the posted hours, so we stay open until then. My husband had BBQ ribs and all the fixings ready when we got home. I love it when he does that.

The PIA's were in Thursday. Boy, did they put me in a bad mood for the evening.
We were open Friday and Saturday. We don't do much during the week as far as customers usually. Friday wwas a few folks. Today was insane. Three people working as designers, busy from 10-3. We open at ten and close at three, barely got to eat. Need to go in Tuesday and figure out the rest of the orders. It was my busiest day yet working. We had about 1 minute after our first group of folks, we looked at each other and thought yeah it is over...we were wrong. I would guess we took in about 30 pieces to be framed.
i am gonna go take a nap now.
Well, the week was dead, but yesterday, Saturday, we were swamped , had a record day.

I hope it is not like that too often...that can make a fella crazy. I am happy for my boss, but it was kwite crazy. I have worked at two other frame shops our a couple of years, never saw anything like that, and they did pretty good. My boss laughed thinking how they would have handled it if they only had two design people like they used too. There are nine people there during the week, so we have to keep busy. Got me, now we got to get it all done.
I closed last wednesday at five oclock and will go back on wednesday.I wasnt feeling too well anyway so its a good excuse for a few extra days off.Monday is not really a holiday in Scotland either but I simply dont care.I needed a break.

Hope anyone that took time off enjoyed it.Lifes too short to work all the time ...