Is this a mistake?


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Jan 7, 2005
I just picked up two oversized woodblock prints that were custom-framed at the local frame shop. They are floating on a matte and are archivally framed.

My question: The bottom borders are 1/4" less than the sides and top. I know that in optical framing or museum-style framing, the larger border is placed on the bottom. Do you think that the shop made a mistake, or is this a new trend? If they did make a mistake is it reasonable for me to have them adjust it?

Thanks very much for your advice.


It's hanging on your wall is what I always tell my customers. I'm sure if you ask the framer he will have the same view. I'm sure he appreciates your long term relationship and wants you to think nicde things about him when you look at the art.

If it bothers you tell him.
Mark, The first and last definition of "custom",
is that you get it your way.

Personally we only chop or trunkiate the lower mat when we have to shoehorn it into a "stock" frame....

I can check for you again in the morning, but I fairly certain that we don't "stock" anything that would be construed as "Over-sized custom". :D
Mark, did they discuss mat sizing with you during the design process, or did you just leave them with the framer to frame at their discretion? Either way, it should be framed the way YOU want it.


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Sounds like a mistake but not necessarily a sign of incompetence.

You'd be doing both yourself and the framer a disservice by not mentioning it and getting it fixed.
On oversized prints, I generally leave an extra quarter inch at the bottom. On smaller, 1/8".
However if the signature line on a signed print leaves more white space than the white space around the top and left/right, I will most often make the mat equal on all four sides.

Sounds like a mistake to me on your job. Your framing sounds like the bread and butter of most custom shops and I would think your framer would be more than willing to rectify the problem and would appreciate your bringing it back.

Dave Makielski
One thing to think about, If the mats are equal on all sides and the mat shifts down in the frame it will sometimes measure 1/4 shorter on the bottom from the outside.

My guess is that the mats are cut the same all the way around just setting low in the frame. That is why at my shop we always weight the bottom mat.

I would still take it back. If they want you back as a customer they will fix it.

If they don't, find a new frame shop. By the way we ship anywhere. Ha Ha :D

This would be a good question for the frame shop that did the work. They may have had a design reason that this was done. Were there any size restrictions made by you? If so this may account for manner it was done. But again it may just be flat out wrong. Take them back or call them see what they say then let us know.
Good for you for checking an outside source.