Is PictureFramer.Com worth it?


True Grumbler
Jan 12, 2004
Cumming, GA

Anyone use I went to the site and there are lots of enticing tidbits on the homepage. However, reading any of the articles requires registering and paying a monthly fee.

Any comments?


Pretty spendy for a start-up. Subscription about $100.00/year.
I'm naturally skeptical. How many subscribers do they have so far, and other than themselves, who says their information is valuable. Sure, it seems jam-packed full, but with what?
I was a member a few years ago when it cost $35 a year. I didn't renew when it went up in cost. I liked the information.
The papers about starting up your business were great to read even though I had been open for a few years already.
I used to belong and paid the dues quarterly. I didn't think it was worth that personally. I got out after they charged my credit card without my knowledge at the time. The initial charge of $25 per quarter back when I belonged might have been worth the info that was on there for the first quarter, but after that though, it wasn't. At least to me it wasn't.

They used to have a board you could read for free and other areas that were open. You can't get into anything now just to look! The grumble is better. More members/info here and not locked down.

If memory serves, the owner's name is Steve and has a framing business in Beverly Hills. His mistake is locking it down too much. Would seem hard to attract new members if you can't see anything!
He's a frequent grumbler, actually.

There still is a free forum, used mostly to list for sale items.

They also offer a nice frame shop list by state.