Is Logan 650 practical for 8-ply mats?


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Apr 17, 2006
White Plains, NY
I cut mats for selling my own photographs at art shows; I just upgraded from the 750 to a 650 just to have a better mat cutter, but also hoping to cut a few 8-ply mats.

Surprise! surprise!! apparently, for straight cutting 8-ply boards (i.e. for sizing down) you have to make multiple passes over the same cut, increasing the pressure/depth slightly each time. I found this out upon calling Logan for the second time after seeing that pulling the straight-cutting head required strength quite beyond mine.

For the bevel cuts, this issue fortunately does not arise, but it seems to require enough fine fiddling with blade depth and overcut adjustment screws that it appears one should have two cutters at hand - one for 4-ply and another for 8-ply.
Hi shayok, I have the same mat cutter and have not had the problems you are explaing as far as the strength required to accomplish the cuts. Sounds to me that you are putting too much pressure on the cutting head, and possibly not pulling straight on the cutting head. I have found that happened quite a bit with me when I initially got mine. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.
Even with the Fletcher, we make multiple passes for 8-ply mats .... keeps the blade (even a 1500) from distorting .... the first pass creates a groove into which the remaining passes can follow (you follow?).

Of course, for the thick mats, we extend the blade out to cut through it (duhhhh... ;)
I follow
Do you do this for bevel-cuts as well?

Having used only Logans, I had no basis for comparison. I only wish the manual mentioned this. Thanks.