Is it the Chop or the Vise?


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 3, 2004
Santa Fe
Lately I am having trouble with my LJ chops, they just don't want to come together nicely in the corners. Or do you think I might have a problem with my vises (Woodworkers)?
Lay a framing square in your vise and see if its off kilter. Hold a corner of a chop together by hand ans use same framing square to check it's accuracy.

Beyond that there's too little information to give much worthwhile advice.
If you were having problems with your vise then the chops you get from other companies as well would be having a problem. Odds are, the problem is with the chops from LJ.

A good vise has been milled to give it a 90 degree face to each other. That will never go out of square.
It's the chops if they are coming out of Dallas. I don't do LJ chops often but when I do they are seldom perfect, sometimes overcut sometimes under.
I am not familiar with Woodworkers vices (is that the brand?), but miter vices are generally very accurate. Chances are the problem is with the chops.

Framah pointed out a good way to tell -- if other chops are OK in the vices, then the problem is with the chops. If all chops have the same inaccuracy, then the vices are the problem.

Are the joints open on top or inside or outside???

If they open on the outside or the inside, then the angle they were cut at is not correct.

If joints are open at the top, the moulding is twisted.

Its easy to check if moulding is twisted by using "winding sticks". (as in winding wool not air rushing about rapidly)