Is HitchHikers Down?


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Oct 23, 2003
Columbia, SC
Anyone know if HitchHikers OLE is down? Haven't received anything from them for several days now.
When I tried posting something earlier I got an error message as follows. I guess this means it's down!

Failed to deliver to ''
SMTP module(domain []) reports:
host says:
550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
The last one I received (just 2 messages) was Sunday the 17th.

This means the host server at is rejecting "" as a valid email address. ( [])

My guess is that PMAI probably upgraded their (Microsoft) server and are experiencing some temporary technical problems.

I bet it's straightened out in a few days.

I heard, through reliable, but unnamed sources, that the whole thing is going to be switched over to The Grumble. This is due to the fact that all the really serious business in our industry is being conducted here anyway. Don't quote me on this, since it is, at this stage, it's just a rumor.



Are you really waiting for it to be fact?

Wait no more.

Carry on.
Oh John, some days you can be so didactic, and some days so astute....tomorrow doesn't look like one of your days either.... :D

but I do love your humor....from your lips, to....
Merrill Grayson is the one who orchestrates the whole thing, and it seems that everything works well on automatic pilot, so to speak, until he goes away for a short vacation. Then all the electrons gather in revolt and toast the system. I expect we shall see it all set right by his clever fingers in due time. I'm not saying this is what happened this time, only that that scenario has occurred before...
In fairness to HH, I remember a few times that The Grumble has imploded, resulting in a flurry of panicky emails to moderators, who are as clueless as everyone else.

And who could forget the painful, psychedelic colors when Framer took a short vacation a while back?
Merrill Grayson is away at present note the bottom of this message on the HH




The last message to the list was received by the status file at 18:31 EST on 7/17/2005
The list may have a problem.

Currently the PPFA mail servers are not functioning so this may be temporary. Please check back after a while.

It is not necessary to send a message to the list Owner, as problems like this will be evident to him.
You can also check to see if a message you posted has been processed Here

The List Owner is Out of Town
The List Owner is out of town on vacation until July 26, 2005. If there is a problem with the list or you are having problems with your subscription, nothing can be done until that time.
What the he ll does "didactic" mean? Why on earth would anyone even use words like that?

di·dac·tic also di·dac·ti·cal (-t-kl)
  • Intended to instruct.</font>
  • Morally instructive.</font>
  • Inclined to teach or moralize excessively.</font>
Of course, that's just Baer exhibiting his highfaluting tendencies towards profligacy and recremental language in his subitaneous reciprocations, but I think you already knew that..

:D, sure.


"Inclined to teach or moralize excessively."

This is when a friend sends 14 jokes a day that are NOT on the PC or Christian Coalition list of acceptable matterial.... thank goodness. :D

Don't stop sending those jokes John, it makes the G look like the HH, . . . . and I neeed that in my life. You fill that void that Charles can't . . .

Whoops. HH down . . . well, I'm not sure if down is the proper term. Maybe melon-collie or Cantalope-doxen, and sometimes bi-polar unlike the Grumble which is mono-polar (but only once a month)....

I'm not really comfortable in diagnosing at this time.. I'm going to have to confer with Dr Angie.. :D
Friends send me those jokes, if they make me smile, I send em on. I hate to just delete them, although a lot meet that fate.