Iraqi Ballot & My First Anti-Grumble


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 7, 2005
Got a neat job in this official Iraqi ballot. We joked about matting in red, white, & blue. Decided on a deep purple (border stripe in the ballot) and a black moulding.

Had a pretty good day. Got in 6 Blue Dog prints to frame. An original watercolor, a poster print, a baseball jersey for the local Irish pub, a weird plaque like thing (don't know what to call it) & another very nice print. My husband got a photo gig at the local motorsports park this wkend & some Nascar peeps will be there.

Just felt like doing a little Anti-grumbling. It has been so slow, that it's nice to have a very busy week.

Have a good evening. I'm gonna go down to the corner and have a pre-St. Patty's day celebratory drink.
Sounds like a pretty good day! I think you should get your girlfriend 'crew' together and get plastered. Then go see the <s>Chipmunks</s> Chippendales!

You deserve it, girl! Have a good time and don't open the shop tomorrow. Get some ice-packs and some Tylenol, and pamper yourself with a day off in exchange for a day WELL DONE!!!!!!!!
Happy, Happy, Joy Joy!!!

I am very happy for you....really. Especially the Iraq ballot thing. Very cool.

But you just depressed the **** out of me with your great sales day. I have'nt had a WEEK like your single day in two months!!!

I think I'll change out of my pajamas and head to the local bar for a beer (or ten) myself..

Oh what the **** I'll just go in my worked for Michael.

Hope you have many more days to celebrate......really.
LOL...thanks for all the support. I just got back from the pub....after a few beers wondering if I should do any more work. Hehehe...Probably not. :D

Charles...all we have here are chipmunks!

Tom...thanks, I am a happy, happy Joy!
I guess it was just me but when I saw you say ANTI GRUMBLEING I thought you or some client had a negative comment to make. I should have known better.

By the way I am GREEN with envy ,it,s an appropriate color even for a FBI ( full blooded Italian) like myself in honor of St. Patrick ( my middle name BTW,I was baptised by an Irish priest Fr. Scully)LOL
Keep up the good work and reputation.