Intro to Framing Leroy Neiman's Imagine



About 10 years ago the gallery I work for acquired 2 - Leroy Neiman Imagine, the John Lennon piece. They sat in the art bin drawer for 9 years. Then one day I was asked by the owner of the gallery to design a unique frame that would pop the piece off the wall like popcorn. OK. I spent way too much time on it but I liked design, the owner of the gallery just said WOW! When he saw it. Less then three weeks later piece sold for full retail on the art plus $2500 for the frame, to a tourist from the Midwest. I really wish I had documented the job. Well someone else that saw the piece during the three weeks it was on the wall, came into the gallery a year later and inquired about the piece. In the meantime the other one had been traded to another dealer. We bought another piece and I was asked to duplicate the original. Thank You Lord for having the insight to at least haven taken a picture of the first piece. I documented this frame job in three parts to ease the loading of graphics. I charged more to do the second then the first, as I knew it would take almost a week, 30 plus hours, to produce one frame.


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