Intriguing glue observation...


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Sep 5, 1998
New Cumberland, PA
I was going to add an addendum to the last glue topic, but there were WAY too many posts to it...

I normally leave my bottles of Maxim Red without the stopper on ... easier to deal with ...well, I was just peeling off some dried excess from the backs of finished frame corners, and, noticing how amazingly hard it has recently become, I have concluded that as the glue sits in the unstoppered bottle, the water content naturally tends to evaporate ... making, I presume, the glue even more concentrated ... and subsequently stronger. I mean, this stuff is like a ROCK.

Just thought I'd share my early-morning light bulb...
I guess that's why I need a chisel to get it off my carpet.
You mean to say that glue in an unstoppered bottle dries up?

Boy, am I glad that wasn't on the CPF exam.

(Sorry. Moving makes me cranky.)
Your right :D no one woud ever get that! But watch out I heard that it is on the MPF examine. I guess only the more educated/experienced would ever know that one.

Thanks Framingfool you save a lot of us from embarrassment.

It is always nice to have someone take one for the gang. :D
The School of Hard Knocks is my alma mater.

Actually, the fact that glue dries is no quantum discovery. The fact that it dries with so much more strength is the eye-opener.
Thanks for the correction! The glue must have thickened on my fingers. Wheeee does that get hard. I must have left the top off to long.. just razing you FF

Yes I think we got it. You observed the concentrated glue seems to be harder dried than the non-concentrated glue.
Here is some interesting information on glue. I sent this posting to Len Lastuck, of Frame Soecialties who developed Maxim Red 5/15 glue and Maxim 1/15 Blue Glue. He is also the developer of ULTRA LITE GLASS CLEANER and he exhibits each year at the ATLANTA SHOW. Len is not a registered GRUMBLER and asked me to post his reply for those interested so here are his comments.

”The folks are to a degree correct. Any liquid which has solids in it will have the solids concentrated more and more as the liquid is evaporating.

Where they are misleading themselves, is when there are chemicals present which will also evaporate, and wherein these chemicals will have an active part in the glue being strong.

A Cynoacralide glue is one such glue. If you leave the top off of a bottle of "Crazy glue" It will loose its effectiveness as an adhesive.

Our Maxim Blue Glue is such a glue. If the top is left off it will to a degree loose some of its ability
to perform.

The Maxim 5/15 will also do the same thing but not to the same noticeable effect. If the top of the Maxim 5/15 is left off or if it is exposed to air as a normal process, the glue will "flow" slower and the greater concentration that will occur will be off set by the inability for the glue to penetrate into the pours of the wood and give its surface bonding.

So as you can see where they pick up on one point they will loose in another.

My recommendation is for our customers to follow the manufacturers recommendations and keep the
lid on.”

Alan on Len's behalf.
Thanks, Alan.

I feel vindicated and will continue to replace the cap on the glue bottle when I'm not using it (even though I'm using Corner Weld.)

I will also continue to leave the lids off of the nail hole putty, though it is impossible to tell what some of the colors are supposed to be under the layer of dust.
I feel vindicated, too ...

It's useful to learn the facts of what I experienced.

My post was not the hair-brained contention some may have alluded it to be.