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Jul 5, 2002
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Saw this tip on an email and wasted 30 minutes testing it out - simply enter anyone's phone # in the following format: 000-000-0000 in your Google search and you will get any internet listing with it mentioned. Try it, it works! Checked out how bad my competition is with none having web-sites. I'm assuming everyone has placed the Google search function onto their tool-bar, if you haven't, do it, its so handy.

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Great article on Google this month in Fast Company Magazine.

The phone number trick is very useful. Thanks for the tip.

However, it may not always give a true indication of whether someone has a web page or not. You may get false negatives. In order for a web page to be returned, the phone number would have to be embedded in the META tag on the index page.

Our phone number is part of a graphic on our home page and, therefore, doesn't show up with such a search.
Any word on your page should come up in such a search, providing it isnt too many levels down.

I tried our phone number and ironically it came up with matches for the company that had our number before us, which went under in 2001. (a car dealership in the next town)
Okay, I did this and came up with interesting results. My store came up in 6 listings. One had the wrong address. One said I was an authorized Lena Liu Dealer. :eek: :eek: I went into the Lena Liu website and sure enough I am one of two stores in Colorado listed as a Lena Liu dealer. Wish somebody would have told me. I guess the people before me must have dealt with her. I actually had a client have me hunt for a couple of Lena Liu's for her, so I even have a catalogue that they kindly gave me. I guess I should get a banner that says"Authorized Lena Liu Dealership", I'm sure they will flock in.
Our store's telephone number came up with our store, the old defunct Ben Franklin (our number was theirs), and some bead place I never heard of.

My home phone number came up as Joe and Jasmine Nolan. They are my bird and dog, so I know where they got the information on me. The telephone book.

When I put in my name, "Susan C. Nolan", I came up with this:

... (Brent Spiner is afterall starting to show the years!) But, as Susan C. Nolan
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Bet you didn't know that Ron_ was so into professional photography and Harleys, did ya?? :D

I knew that.

Originally posted by PurplePerson:
Have you ever put "Ron Eggers" name in Google?
Yeh, I've done that. I guess it's not any more narcissistic than posting 5,000 times in a couple of years on The Grumble.

Google came back with 760 results. One was actually about me and 750 of them were about an extrememly prolific photo writer named - oddly enough - Ron Eggers.

I may have to start using my real name - Zippy.
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</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by PurplePerson:
Have you ever put "Ron Eggers" name in Google?
I may have to start using my real name - Zippy. </font>[/QUOTE]Is that "Ron Zippy" or "Zippy Eggers"? I hope it's the former, then your dog's name would be "Zilla Zippy". :D