Internet Explorer - Uninstall

Jul 13, 2003
Johnstown, PA
I need to uninstall my Internet explorer browser and install a clean copy so to eliminate damaged files that are causing my surfing time to be long and difficult. I've been using Charter's high speed connection for years and in the last week I've gone from fast to very slow. The computer is always "thinking" before it follows a command. Moving from forum to forum takes about a minute. This delay only occurs with the Explorer ... e-mail is as fast as before and other software is also not been slowed. Long discussions with the Charter people and numerous tests have concluded that the Explorer files have been corrupted. My tries at eliminating Explorer thru the add/remove programs feature have not been successful.Installing Explorer over my current files have not eliminated the slowness. Looking for tech help.
Have you tried ad-aware? It's possible that a piece of software is monitoring your browsing habits and sending it to a (slow) remote server.

It can't really be uninstalled, but here's a nice article that tells you how to "fool" the installer to overwrite the files so it can fix a corrupt installation:,1759,1561703,00.asp

This seems similar to what was happening to me.
I also was told that my IE was corupted.

After doing Ad Aware and Spy Bot several times over a period of about a week it seems to have been fixed. Don't really know if Ad Aware or Spy Bot really worked or not but sudenly everything was fine.