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Jun 15, 1999
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Been having problems with Internet Explorer. (I think)

All of a sudden I can not get into some web sites. For example: Falcon East, when I try to log in nothing happens. Samething with Designer Moulding. Even on the Sears website can't do a search. When I hit the approprate button for login on or search nothing happens. So one of the things I tried was to delete my cookies. So when I tried to go to here ( the grumble) I needed to login on manully and tried and once again nothing happend when I hit the login button.

I have dug in to my computer and loaded up Netscape and everything works on it. Thats how I got here today. But I much prefer and know Internet Explorer.

Any help out there??
By the way I got i.e 6. something the latest version.


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It is unlikely that the cookies would have had anything to do with it, but there are a few things you can check.

Try emptying your caches: Prefs -> Advance -> Empty Cache.

Under Web Content (Prefs -> Web content) make sure that "Show Style Sheet" and the "Show Frames" boxes are checked.

Make sure that "Java" is enabled, too.

There is no guarantee that these will solve your problems, but a least you may be able to eliminate a few possibilities.
IE, Tools, internet options, under temporary internet files settings....increase the space you have allowed for temp files or delete files. Go to advance to enable java etc.
Can't find any of that. Are you sure that info is for Internet Explorer and not Netscape??
Sorry, I forget most folks are using Windows and not the MacIntosh OS. But I thought that the "Preferences" menu (Under the Edit Menu in Explorer - as well as Netscape) is used with both Windows and Mac.

When you say it doesn't work, does it just lock up or do you get a specific error message?

One likely candidate is that your browser may have been "hijacked". (a program running that monitors your habits and sends them elsewhere, and stays as a layer between you and the web page you go to). A great and free program to remove "Spyware" is called ADAWARE. I strongly suggest downloading this from and running it. It will identify and clean any culprits.

Another healthy thing is to run WINDOWS UPDATE and let it install all the latest security and bug fixes.

Hope this helps!
Mike (coming to you live via satellite, sailing off the coast of Mexico!)
No it does not lock up and no error message. For example on Login on the Grumble here, after i tyoe in my username and passowrd and hit the login button, nothing happenms except the login but changes shades of color as if it was beeing depressed, but nothing else happens.

Tried ADAWARE results nothing

Tried Windows Update , still no changes.
What are your machine specifics, ie operating system, processor, modem that type of stuff?

But like I saied before, don't think it has anything do so with the puter or windows but just IE because Netscape works ok. That is how I am getting on to here now.
Easiest thing to do is uninstall and reinstall IE.

It should be on the ME disk. Go to control panel\add remove Programs\click on IE Explorer and remove it. Restart computer. Reinstall IE. See if it works, if it does then go to Microsoft Website and download updates.
I know you hate to hear that, i always do, but this is probably the best course of action.
I had a similar problem, so I changed my firewall from zone alarm to tiny and everything is ok now.
Goob luck
Did you ever find a solution to your problem?
Yes, I did. I backed everything up and then cleaned off the hard disk and reloaded everything and it works now.