Integrated Framer - usefull stuff


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Feb 17, 2006
If you need longer USB cables for the camera here are the cables with a single port hub on one end - you can join up to 80 feet:

If you want to show slide shows of frame designs saved in Integrated Framer here's some really good slide show software:

I picked up a 50 foot monitor extension cord so I can move a monitor into the window and present slide shows after hours.
Putting your monitor in the window I think is a great idea...How about several or at least two???
The image then couild pass from one to the other.
I saw this in a dept store once with the fish tank screen saver on two monitors...The fish would swim from one monitor to the other and people would just stand for hours looking at this thing swim...Like man how did he get over there...ha!

Any rate I think the monitor idea you have is great.
Keeps the adv $ going after hours..
Guess where my extra monitor is going???
Be carefull about putting large flat panels in your windows, this is begging for a break-in.
I think its a great idea if people drive by at .05 miles an hour.
When using Integrated Framer we have found that by capturing images, if we take a picture of the art work and set the scale, then take a picture of the frame & mat samples the colors come out much better ( closer to real). If you have dark art work the camera focuses on the dark and everything around it is darker and with light art work everything is lighter, so doing them separate seems to work ok for us.
when you set the scale for the art work IF keeps that scale for each capture, as long as you don't change the zoom it will hold that scale until you change it (ie frame scale matches art scale)