Install on a mirrored wall??


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Feb 1, 2003
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A client wants to hang a piece over a mirrored wall. There is a strip of crown moulding on the ceiling above to hang from.

My idea is 2 screw eyes and some wire or Monofilament, not the most attractive solution...any other ideas would be appreciated...

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Couple of ideas....

Arakawa gallery cables (a bit more elegant but same idea as your monofilament/screw eyes) You can check them out here.

Gallery Rods that might fit on the existing moulding (United sells 'em).

Depending on size and weight, a permanent solution might be to use mirror mastic (we get it from our mirror supplier) and glue it to the wall. We're working on installing a framed mirror onto a mirror wall :confused: for a customer and this was suggested by our mirror supplier.

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We have used silicon glue right to the mirror.remmeber you will get some reflection so make the back edges pretty.
Monofilament will stretch over time, and will eventually break. Typical nylon line will deteriorate from light exposure, but polyester is better.

Fine stainless steel wire (#2 SofStrand picture hanging wire, for example) would work for up to about 40 lbs. For a heavier frame, use heavier wire.

Clear film straps, such as 1" wide Melinex 516, would be strong enough, but would be difficult to secure on both ends.

It might be OK to glue the frame to the mirror wall, but I wouldn't apply any kind of glue to the back of the mirror itself. Only the silvering would be glued in that case, not the glass. The silvering is not strong enough to support the mirror. When gravity and expansion/contraction cycles make the silvering crack & separate from the glass, two things happen: (1) the reflective surface of the mirror is damaged, and (2) the mirror falls off the wall.
AAAARGH! A Bosch hammer drill with a "mirror" drill bit followed by a #8 molly should do the trick! If not a bunch of those little suction cup thingys should work...........'s the New Years grog a workin' on me I guess....

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Originally posted by soho:
A client wants to hang a piece over a mirrored wall.
How heavy of a piece and what is the "piece"?

I'd probably go with Jim's suggestion of the stainless steel wire from the crown. Drilling through the mirror is an option, unless the owners don't want a permanent hole, or you don't want the risk.

How about disguising the wire with some rich, decorative cording, ribbon or fabric. Easy to do and if chosen to compliment the piece, it could easily combine to make the entire presentation become a focal point in the room.
Originally posted by soho:
A client wants to hang a piece over a mirrored wall. There is a strip of crown moulding on the ceiling above to hang from.
Is this crown moulding or picture frame moulding? Crown moulding will be tight to the ceiling and picture frame hanging moulding will be about a foot down from the ceiling. The reason I ask is crown moulding is often just tacked into place and I'm not sure it will hold the weight of a picture whereas picture frame moulding is nailed to the studs for more support. Makes a difference if the piece has any weight.

If it is crown moulding then you could find a couple of studs (with a stud finder) and put a couple of trim head screws through the moulding into the studs (putty the holes) on either side of the artwork and then use your screweyes if the piece is lightweight. Another solution for a heavier piece is to put up D-rings by screwing through the moulding into the top plate of the wall with about 4" long screws. Not as pretty but will hold a lot more weight. Paint the D-rings to match the moulding. All this is assuming the mirror goes flush to the crown moulding and not behind the moulding.

For the wire dropping down I have 2 choices I use regularly. One is saltwater leader material. It's clear, thick (about 3/32" diameter), 150-200 lb test, and doesn't stretch easily. I use crimp on sleeves to fasten it. Hanging over mirror I would be more likely to use the black Sevelon wire with black crimp on sleeves. It will be nearly invisible against the mirror.

I have also hung a large 4x5' framed mirror on a mirrored wall (1/4" plate mirror). For that one I stuck on double stick foam tape (black) about 1/2" from the outside edge of the frame stopping 3-4" from the corner to allow for air circulation. I then put a bead of silicone glue around the frame about 1" inside of the foam tape again leaving the corners free for air circulation so the glue could dry. That was 10 years ago and last I heard it's still hanging. If they ever want to take it down they're screwed.

I've also tried using mirror mastic to put up a wood cleat to the mirrored wall. That one cost me $750. The mastic stuck fine to the glass but came loose from the wood (OSB) about 2 months later. It was a real light weight Rococco style mirror that cost me $250 to restore. The other $500 was for the crystal collection sitting beneath it. That rates as my biggest far.....

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If at all possible I'd go with the chrome gallery rods, if ya want to get really creative use that mastic for its intended purpost and make some nice little mirror icicles to glue ontop of the front and sides of the rods so it looks like it was part of the walls original concept ;)
I haven't seen the piece or the crown moulding situation yet. I did not want to go over to the client's home and stand there scratching my head.

Now I can go there informed and armed with some solutions.

Thanks to all.

I will report on the results!