innexpensive frames for resale?


Feb 26, 2002
South Lake Tahoe, CA
I am a professional large format/panoramic photographer with a gallery and small wholesale business. I am expanding my wholesale business (small matted images, larger images up to 4x8 feet, and giclee on canvas), and would like to be able to offer framed pieces that can reasonably be resold. I am looking for a good source of innexpensive moulding, or pre-joined frames, that don't look cheap. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance- Jon
Try United (sponser of this web) they carry nice frames that you can get with taper locks. You don't need a v-nailer then. They also have nice metal frames. You will need the hardware, glue and the foamcore to also finish the job. And you can order the size you need. Down fall is you have to pay for your samples and there is a minium per order, but that's easy to get around.

Call This number 800-962-7710 - Rice Studio Supply. They sell a line called Heritage Picture Frames. I think you will find what you are looking for.

They have a small but growing line of premade frames and mats at reasonable prices.
They're in Oregon so shipping shouldn't be too bad to Tahoe.
Custom orders too.

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