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Sep 23, 2013
Dallas TX
Inmes IM-350 Double Miter saw. 8 Yrs old In Good Condition. Available for Pick up or ships from Dallas TX. Fully palletized and ready to go.
$4600 With all the extras.

With right hand extension to measure 126”.
Custom built handles with Gussets. Original handle welds would break regularly…These won’t !!!!
2 Extra sets of Leuco 14” blades, 1” Arbor, High ATBR Blades. Excellent cuts on Both Poly and Wood Mouldings. Probably one of the Best saws ever for Poly Mouldings.
Original Motors are installed Plus 1 Weg replacement motor that can be rebuilt and kept on deck as a spare (Was provided by Inmes under warranty) Spare motor has been customized to fit left or right side of the saw.
Customized production stops allow for 1” between settings. (Original stops couldn’t be set within 2” of each other)
Spare parts include Brake cables for the clamps, Bearings for the blade pivot points, Springs for the Pivot Shaft, and 1 Clamp tightening handle.

*** From the manufacturer:

IM-350 double miter saw was developed for cutting with absolute precision giving a perfect miter corner joint. The two large 350mm blades are easily capable of cutting up to 8 1/4± by 4 1/8± molding at 45°, yet it fits comfortably in most framing shops.

The IM-350 cable activated adjustable molding clamps securely hold molding during cutting, enhancing safety by keeping the operator’s hands a safe distance from the saw blades. Another feature to improve the work environment is the availability of two dust ports on the rear, making it much simpler to connect to your dust collection system, so it is easier to maintain a safe and clean working environment.

The saw table and cabinet are built of heavy-duty cast iron to ensure durability and ability. The cabinet is designed with powder-coated surfaces for extended life and has an internal waste drawer to capture scrap materials. The included molding stop allows production of accurate and repeatable cut lengths.

Output and Power

The Inmes IM-350 is rated at 320+ frames per day. It also features two heavy
duty 2 horsepower motors that turn the saw blades at 4450 RPM.
Standard electrical requirements are a 208 v, Single Phase (3 Phase available) circuit. Dimensions of the cabinet are 54″ wide x 31 1/4″ long x 40± high. The overall length of the saw with both support arms in place is 13 2± and each extension on the right and left is 50±. The entire machine weighs 940 Ibs.


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Apr 1, 2021
Montreal, QC
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I am interested by the saw. Is it possible to have more photos of it? Do you know approximatly how much for shipping to Quebec, Canada?

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