Inmes Double Miter Saw

I purchased a used CTD ten inch pneumatic double miter saw about twenty years ago for $1,500.00 it has just about all the features of this saw, no dust collector though. My point? Why not purchase a quality used machine for about half of what you are considering spending on this unknown machine.

With a good saw, it does not matter how old it is, it's how good of a cut you will get. CTD and the like, are built from solid, heavy cast iron parts. There is absolutely no vibration when cutting. These companies build machines that will last fifty or more years, easily. The worst that can happen is you may have to replace your bearings. Your going to have to do that anyway, sooner or later, no matter what saw you purchase. A set of bearings is around fifty dollars.

The real definition of a great cut is determined by the quality of your blades. People will spend five thousand on a cut off saw, then balk at spending five hundred on a good set of blades, go figure. Think about it.

which every way you go, find one in use near you, talk them into letting you rent/USE it!!! pack up a week or two's worth of framing to be done, go visit & USE better way to get the 'feel' for it and you can pump them for info that you'd NEVER get any other way!!!
I did a 1 1/2 hour or so demo on this machine at the DecorExpo Show in NYC last year. It was easy to use and did a pretty good job (at least in that environment). It is manufactured in Brasil and Brasilians are very low key about their technological and mfg'ing expertise. They're not used to marketing products like Americans sometimes. Having lived in Brasil for 12 years, and still commuting, I'm always amazed at Brasilian developments in these types of areas - NO I don't work for Inmes! Although framing is a different type of business in Brasil and not as widespread as here in the U.S. they do export framing equipment, mouldings, etc. quite a bit to the rest of the world.

The only thing I would be wary of though is for any maintenance or parts availability here in the US since they really are Brasilian based! If I was in the market for a new doublemitre I would definitely consider them.
Mike, I know that Blue Ridge Moulding, a Virginia-based manufacturer, has both been using the Inmes saw and distributing it. I've heard good things about its use. I know Steve Marcus would be pleased to answer your questions and give an honest evaluation as he's been using his for over a year now. Give him a ring at 800-272-2583.

Good luck -- Harris Haynie
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