Apr 22, 2005
Los Angeles
Do any of you know how to cut an inset (like a rabbet) along the front of a moulding (in the middle). I'm planning on inserting something in it. I know I could run it along a router table. Any other way...or is that the best and easiest? I'm afraid I may damage the moulding too.
Chisles and mallets have been the tools of choice for about 4,000 years....

How familiar are you?

A Stanley 45 with the proper plow iron can do wonders; or a scorp plane.
The cut your refering to is called a dado. And, yes, the router table with a downcut spiral bit would be a good choice, assuming your making the cut before the moulding is joined. If the moulding is pre-finished you will need to be careful not to scratch the surface. You could mount the moulding into a "sled" to eliminate the chance of scratching. An overarm router would be ideal, but not many have access to this tool.
You could also make this cut with a tablesaw or radial saw.