Ink on suede mat


Aug 10, 2002
Washington state
I love this website... no one cares about sharing thier most intimate mistakes! Last week I was finishing a project and even though I knew better, I had a PEN in my hand. Yes, I ran the point of the pen right across a suede triple- matted piece of work. I thought I was gonna die. Years ago when I worked in a restaurant I saw someone use hairspray to remove pen off of a customer's shirt. I figured it was 1:00a.m. and I didn't have anything to loose plus I was too tired to think clearly, so I tried it. Spray and blot with a cotton white rag and I even rubbed. ;) IT WORKED! Not a trace of ink left. Maybe everyone knows this trick with suede mats (might possibly work with other material mats?) but it was new to me!
Great I like that tip! Thanks so much, do you know if it works for getting corner putty off of linne liners?
Bob, I don't know about nail hole filler, but if you ask nicely, Reynard will tell you the romantic story about how to remove lipstick from linen liners.


Oh wait, I'm not sure he ever did get the lipstick off the liner but the story has a happy ending - he married her.

Thanks for the hairspray tip!! Couldn't have come at a better time. I don't know what it was I got on the off-white suede mat but it came out with the hairspray.

I ended my day yesterday thinking I messed up that mat, and started today fixing it.

Glad I've got girls and plenty of hairspray.

Are there any c/p concerns with this technique?


hello this is my first time on the site my coworker has been on before.
I have very delicately removed puddy from suede mats by shaving the spot with a brand new single edge C&H razor blade but that ony works if the puddy doesn't stain.
the hairspry trick sounds great this website kicks butt!
In the far away past I actually saved a customers needlework with hairspray. A brand new employee had taken an order and had accidently run his pen across the needlework, it was as I remember at least 8 inches. One of my employees who was a stitchery fiend had brought a new needlework kit home in case she had to start stitching a new one.(desperate times and all) I sprayed it and washed it and it did totally remove the stain. I've only had to use it one time since. Now let me tell you about the time I had to reweave some linen fabric that had been touched by putty.............I wish I was kidding. :eek:

Before anybody gets their knickers in a twist(and rightly so)I only used the hairspray as an act of desparation. I would never recommend willy nilly spraying hair products all over peoples belongings.