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Marion P

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Mar 18, 2004
Maroochydore, Australia

I have a customer who wants to put a piece of thin paper between two sheets of glass to see it from both sides and I know this topic has been discussedbefore, how do I go about finding this thread?

or will someone answer it here as Im not sure where or how to begin this project as I'm a novice of the framing world. I feel like I'm taking baby steps, and now someone wants me to leap to the unknown of double sided frames..

Keep smiling
G'day Marion,
I'm not too sure how to put the direct message link here, but if you go to Search (up near the top of this page), type in > double sided mylar < and check out some of the threads there, you'll most likely find your answer.
In particular, check out "double glass sandwich for floating art".
Hi Les,
Thanks for the information, I did what you suggested and found a few sites.(still confused on how to do it, but will give it a go LOL)

Do we have mylar in OZ? and is it really sturdy?

thanks again for your suggestions
You might want to consider getting stained glass moulding. There might be someone down there who does stained glass. Or you get some wood and have a cabinet maker make the frame with a groove cut into it the width of 2 pieces of glass. This will allow you to sandwich it and insert it into the frame then screw the top rail of the frame to the rest of the frame.
Can someone please perform the dreaded edit on Nona's website address to take the comma off the end. The link doesn't work as it stands.
Thanks Nona,

I had no problems getting to your website.
the information will help me.

I can't cut metal frames, and not too many framers here like to cut them, so I might have to look at making it out of wood moulding.

Have a great day everyone!
I don't cut metals either, I order them chopped. That is a whole other conversation, but I don't know of any distributor who won't chop metals. Just a thought.

My website needs a lot of updating right now and I have not had a chance to do it, but hope to soon.

Nona Powers, CPF