Info on Charles Bragg?


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Sep 28, 2001
Miami, FL
I had 3 Charles Bragg pieces come into the shop yesterday afternoon. They'd been framed in the late '70s and were showing their age. Doing an initial search this morning I've found that one of them - The Sixth Day - could be worth between 2 and 4 thousand. I was wondering if anyone had a good source of info on this artist. The other two are The Bandwagon and The Lord of Earthly Delights

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Try HERE , and I found lotsa sites that sell his stuff. Didn't have time for any biographical-type searches, but I may this afternoon!
He looks/seems like my kinda guy...

Thanks for the quick response - glad to know I'm not the only one up at this hour. I tried this site and about 5 other obvious ones after a quick googlelization but wasn't able to get any info on the last two.


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There are a couple of different versions of "Lord of Earthly Delights". If you have one of the original black-and-white lithographs that Bragg printed himself, rush to an appraiser and your insurance agent.

There is also a color oil painting, commercial prints were made of it in the 70's. These are not worth quite so much unless they are signed. Still very cool to have, though, and worth taking care of.

"The Bandwagon" I don't have so much information about. I bet you can e-mail Bragg at his site and ask, though.

All these pieces are LEs signed by Bragg. This Lord is 119/300. Alas all three of them are in deplorable condition. Tremendous amount of foxing, acid/light burn, and I suppose fading.

Thanks so much for the info.