Info for owners of Pistorius VN-J


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Oct 5, 2002
Douglasville, GA, where Daisy, the Wonder Cat, sti
One of the problems those of us who own the VN-J is the hold-down clamp not holding down the moulding in vise, if it is hard moulding, and denting the moulding, if it is soft moulding. I talked to Eric Pistorius at the Atlanta Show about this problem. After he got back to NY, he emailed me with a possible solution. We replaced the round clamp pad that comes on the VN-J with a "v" shaped pad that they use on some of their other machines. This holds the mouldings much more securely, and doesn't dent the moulding. It doesn't completely stop the moulding from pushing up out of the vise, but it is better, and I've not had any dents with the new clamp pad. It cost @$55 with shipping, so it's not cheap. I felt that it was worth it, though. That other clamp pad had been driving me nuts.