Inexpensive POS backup solution

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Jun 25, 2002
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There's a sale this weekend on USB removable flash drives. Many shops will buy one of these for every day of the week and use them as part of their daily backup routine. (as an alternative to floppy drives, dat, or zip disks). Meaning: a rotation of 7 drives, if you are open 7 days/week.

Most POS systems have very low space requirements for backups(1-4mb), so you often won't need a very large device. Check your current backups or vendor to see the size that is right for you. In most cases, the smallest one should do the trick if you are just backing up data. Keep in mind that POS backups usually just copy the data, and not the programs or your personal documents such as Quickbooks or MY COMPUTER files. A full/comprehensive backup routine is also important to get everything else.

OfficeMax online or in person has the MEMOREX TRAVEL DRIVES on sale, with no rebate.

Memorex USB 2.0 256MB Travel Drive. Item # 20944766 $14.95 each LINK

Memorex USB 2.0 512MB Travel Drive. Item # 20944775 $24.98 each

Memorex USB 2.0 1.0GB Travel Drive. Item # 20944784 $39.98 each

OfficeMax recently sent $30 off $150 coupons to their customers, which can be used with this order. Shipping is free if your shopping cart reaches $50 or higher.

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You're to be commended on revisiting this vital issue.

People don't know how bad data loss (POS files, documents, spreadsheets, etc) is till it happens.

And it is always a good idea to have several sets of backup devices. Just in case one dies, is corrupt or won't work when one most needs it.

And do test those devices occasionally, by copying from them to a temp folder and see if it works well.

Backup as often as possible, one day you'll be happy you did!