Inetgrated framer and wizard promotion question...


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

I am taking the plunge and getting IF and a wizard 8000.

I am going to promote it in a few different places but want the most bang for the buck.

No one will know what this is or does if I call it integrated framer so I want to call it something different in the adds and I can't seem to put together a quick 1 line phrase that will get the point across about what it does and what the wizard does.

Also since it is not litterally here yet I don't have any before and after pictures to use in the colored adds I'm going to run.

Wizard gave me the go ahead to use theirs but on the website they only had 1 IF related jpg and it was not that great for my needs. (great for framers but not for framing customers)

Can anyone help with an image I may use and a phrase or name for the IF software.

All suggestions are apreciated (even the sacastic ones)

Thanks Grumble!
JB, Even on the IF demo disk there should be the project of the flowers and before and after images that should work.

Also on the tech forumn search for IF or Intergrated Framer and there has been more discussion on subject. There is an image of a postcard I mailed as well as a flyer. There is also a link to a TV spot that John Ranes and others have ran.
When I eventually have the cash and am not a gimp and actually figure out how I want to install one, I'm thinking of a ...

"Come in and experience pschycic framing. See the future in front of your eyes!"

You know, because you see what it looks like before it's done.
Thanks all.

Jerry, I discontinued the adds. I ran them for several months on several stations at the same time and all it got me was deeper in debt.

I used HGTV, WE, TLC and sometimes Travel. The demographics said this was the way to go but I never saw any increase in traffic.

I will look over the demo again.

jPaul, would you mind if I used the info from your flyer?
Jb, feel free to to use that info if you want. I could do an IF project for you with some prints I have in stock and LJ Mouldings. Just let me know the look you are after. Figures, landscape, florals etc. I could email finished project files to you.
Our printer kept wantimg higher dpi than what IF will save, but my postcard came out just fine with 150dpi. Folks at Wizard told me all of their adds were created with program files from IF. I am remailing that card again in mid-sept with a different background color and different offer and adding tag on front "As Seen On TV!"
j Paul you will make my day if you could put something together for me!!!

If you don't mind a landscape and something figure like would be great.

I really apreciate the help, and am looking forward to your email.

Thanks again for your help.