Increased virus activity


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jul 30, 2000
Woodland Hills, CA
I've been receiving one of the W32 virusus every day now for about a week, all with different subjects etc. Am I the only one or have other grumblers been put on this moronic mailing list? All have come to a framing related e mail address.
I'm on the "mailing list" too, unfortunately. I get 6-20 per day!

I'm there because I posted my real email address on a chat board and in a FORMMAIL reply form from a web page (not from the grumble).

There isn't much you can do, unfortunately.
Originally posted by Barb Pelton:
the address it comes to is one that I ONLY have used to register here--Grumble. :mad:
Kinda weird quoting myself, but I just remembered using this email address somewhere else...but that was some time ago. It's possible the evil-doer may have gotten the addresses somewhere other than the grumble...but kinda unlikely.... :(
The e-mail address I have listed on the G has never been dumped on with spam. I also have a hotmail address which I use only for personal e-mails and IM, this gets about 30-35 spams/day (that get through the filters).
I have been guilty of spreading W32Yaha@mm lately. I have removed it but I would just love to know where came from. Is there any way to track these a---holes down. Alan
It would have come from an email attachment that you opened/clicked on, most likely.

Every email leaves a secret "fingerprint" if you look at the headers. It'll tell you which mail server processed it, the name of the PC it came from, and the IP address of where it originated. This info may or may not be useful.

Most likely it was some poor soul in the same situation as you, who clicked on it unknowingly (without a virus scanner). These things often infect your email program, scan the CONTACT LIST, and send the virus back out immediately to everyone in the list. (disguised as a friendly message from YOU; someone they know).
Only problem with looking up the header of an infected email with the W32 virus is that it has a habit of making them up all by itself. Alot of times part of the info is correct and the rest isn't.
As far as how you get it sent to your email Barb, if an infected person has your email address in their address book, klezW32 sends it to everybody in the address book. The newer strains of the virus also contain their own email program so when you shutdown Outlook it keeps working. The only nice thing to say abouut this virus is that at least it doesn't do actual damage to your system.

Now we should all refer back to the thread on Anti-virus software. Scan now Scan often.