In Praise of Encapsulation

Al E

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 21, 2001
I began encapsulating the framing package a few years ago when it was first mentioned on TG. Last week one of my first encapsulating jobs came back as someone had knocked it off the wall. Only one of the rails had broken. It was such a relief to just take out that package, replace the rail and pop the package back in. No fuss, no muss, no bother, no charge and the (good)customer couldn't be happier.
Please elaborate on your methods. Encapsulation typically refers to placing the artwork in a sealed clear film envelope.
I think Al is talking about sealing the frame package - glass, mat, art and backing - before it goes into the frame.

Ron is correct (dare I say, "as usual").

There has been much discussion of this on TG. I am always surprised by the paucity of framers using this technique.
Ron is correct (dare I say, "as usual").
Al, do you suppose you could write that down (maybe on a sheet of your letterhead,) have it notarized and send it to my wife?

I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks, I owe ya one.
What kind of tape do you use?
FrameTek has a good article on tape sealing the art-glass-backing package on their web page under the pull-doun menu "Free Info" titled "Stopping the dust pump"
I know Greg is an advocate of this method because he made a strong case for it when I was ordering one of his products. He convinced me of its efficacy and I will be forever in his debt for the countless hours and aggravation from which I have been saved.
I have been sealing frame packages for about 16 years now. I use 810 tape. We call it 'dust sealing.'
Framing without doing this strikes me as sloppy.

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