In a bind


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 5, 2001
Savannah, GA
I posted a while ago that the our shop was for sell, haven't sold it. I would really like my wife (believe it or not) to join me here in Savannah. Even though we have 50K+ in inventory (Moulding, Mat Glass and Art) The business brokers are wanting 15K to sell it at what they think the going rate is for our gross annual sales. They say 60K, that's giving them 25% of the sale. I need to sell this and will consider selling the equipment and inventory only and closing the shop, if there is any interest email me. Christmas is going like gang busters anyway.

Good luck Jerry. I'm not too far away and if there is ever anything I can do (except buying the place) to help expedite things, let me know.
Sorry to hear you are having issues.
If you do decide to break things up and sell, let me know and I will come shopping for some things

If you need anything just let me know too.
Is 25% the going rate in your area? Sounds very high to me. My broker charged me 10%. Has there been any interest? Two people looked at my shop in the first month, and one of them purchased it. Just how hard is this person working to make a sale for you?

Maybe timing IS everything.
The going rate is 12% of the selling price or $15,000 which ever is greater. That puts it at 25%, and we didn't sign with them.

Email address is now correct.

Please anyone contact me and not the shop!
They are busy enough as it is.