5th corner

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Aug 23, 2005

Just wondering if an Australian Framer would survive in an US framing shop regarding metric vs imperial. Are the machines in imperial or do they come metric? If I brought an "Aussie Tape Measure" (one that had both measures, hehehe) with me, would that work? Can anyone think of other barriers that would need to be overcome?
The big ol' mental barrier would be the worst. I can hand draw 1/4" within a gnat's eyelash, but I certainly couldn't do it for, say, 2 mm. We actually do work a little in mm here. Folks doen't realize it. We buy 2 liter Cokes. Some of our framing equipment is from 'furrin' countries and uses supplies that are mm. Each of us would adapt if we were put in the Opposite System Frame Shop.
Hi Ellen,

thanks for your reply ......... I will bring a box of aussie tape measures then as a security blanket and reminder OZ so i don't get homesick ........... my parents grew up with feet and inches (back in the time when our currency had thripance and pennys in Australia) so I have a reasonable understanding of the conversion from metric to imperial.

Can you think of any other barriers one might face?
I tend to talk in imperial as I was brought up on it and I find it easier to visualise, also many of the older people here still use imperial. I find metric much easier to use for framing, and have a digital measure that will do direct conversions that I find indispensable.
5th Corner,
Forget about the tape measures, youll be able to pick it up quick enough, as youll be emersed in it.
I would suggest you use your weight limit on the plane, stocking up with Vegemite, Violet Crumbles and Tim Tams. Oh and dont forget about a few Koala pins.