Imperfections in glass


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Jan 15, 2005
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Just opened a box of tru-vue cc glass.
Cut the glass to size, cleaned, put on art,
awh poop a tiny tiny bubble right in the middle of a white mat.
Took out another piece, cleaned and looked at, seemed ok, cut AWH 5 Tiny Tiny Tiny
black spots right over white mat and they won't come off.
This is not the first time with imperfections in the glass.
Not sure if supplier will take back cut glass, plus I have to take the time to return it. (Which is a big deal since we are on an island and have to take a ferry (as in boat) to get our glass.
What do you with bad lites?
Make them do for smaller or return for credit
Should they pay for my labor and high blood pressure? I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS.I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS.I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS. I think I am going to have a tamper tentuum
Many times the supplier will give a credit over the phone and have you set the problem pieces aside for later inspection.
Doug the black dots might come off...ok if it is on the outside of Tru Vue, Uv glass-the non coated side then you can take a razor blade at a steep angle and get them off. If it is in the glass, no go. I have found that works on reg, or uv if it is the right side.

Remain calm, dougj. Material flaws aren't worth getting your blood pressure cranked up. Everyone gets an occasional flaw in moulding, matboard, and yes, glass too. It happens. It's an aggravation, but it's part of doing business. What matters now is how the problem is handled and in my experience, Tru-Vue is pretty good about that.

Tru-Vue's stated policy is to replace the lite you bought. They know most flaws don't show up until after cutting. Your supplier should be willing to take care of this for you. If not, call Tru-Vue directly and they'll probably make arrangements with your supplier, so you don't have any extra costs.

The "Tiny Tiny Tiny black spots" may be spatter of the black ink used to mark the coated side. Have you tried removing them with something like UnDo, Goof Off, or Adhesive Release? Some other solvents might affect the finish, but I know these are OK for a quick wipe -- but be sure to wash off the residue.
Seems to run in batches. I have the same problem with acrylic. After 5 FREAKIN trys to get a clean piece for a frame once, I said enough is enough and switched brands. I'm using Acrylite brand now. I haven't used it enough to draw a conclusion, but I haven't had a problem yet.
My recent case of glass has those ity bity black spots too.
They've been coming off though with "bestine" & a little elbow grease.

I just had a new box of CC replaced because every lite had a multitude of tiny "bubbles" in the coating, which of course, would show up on the picture. There were black spots several inches above the writing, as well, which is the ink overspray, and is easy to get off.

It was a cinch getting it replaced. Called TV, gave them the lot number printed on the side of the box. They asked which supplier I purchased the product from. TV then instructed me to call supplier,and let them know that I had talked to TV. The supplier would replace the glass, and TV would credit the supplier for the bad box. The lady I talked with at TV gave me her name and ext. number so the supplier could call her if there were any questions.

Piece of cake compared to some companies I have dealt with in the past.

TV does a good job when handling complaints of this sort.
What I do is probably all wrong.
First I cop an attitude and get really piffed off.
Then I call the company and demand to speak to whoemever is in charge. Usually not the secretary or the person answering the phone. I refuse any and all credit towards my next Purchase. What makes them think I would ever want to continue to doing bussiness with them. This usually promtps an immediate we will send another out to you as soon as possible at no charge. The order then either comes with a "RMA" or a "keep it"..costs to much to send back. And boy do they ever have that part right. I then hang up and kewl off and call back again a few days later to verify that the order did indeed get out the door. About that time UPS shows up on my doorstep with the order in hand..
I am once again a happy camper. But now I am left trying to explain to my customer why it took several days and not the one as I had promised.
Fortunately for me this only happens about once/ year.
Originally posted by trapper:
What I do is probably all wrong.
First I cop an attitude and get really piffed off... I refuse any and all credit towards my next Purchase. What makes them think I would ever want to continue to doing bussiness with them...
I hope it makes you feel better to
"cop an attitude", because that serves no other purpose. If anything, you would be more likely to get the supplier's best and fastest cooperation if you were nice about it.

Do you really expect any manufacturer -- or any person, for that matter -- to never make a mistake?