IMAT vs Wizard



I am talking to both companies about their products,neither likes the other..imagine that..LOL. Has anyone had experience with either of these companies and could give me some pros and cons. Specifically in terms of reliability,cost effectiveness etc....We average 20-30 mats a day of various styles,ie..multi-cuts,double,triple. Our matt-cutter is very skilled and doesn't make alot of mistakes at all. I guess I'm worried about justifying the monthly cost and possible down time so I'm trying to do my homework first...Thanks for your responces..

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We've had the Wizard since June 2000 and are perfectly happy with it. I'm not familiar with the other company.
what are you basing your criteria on?




we have a gunnar, but it marks high on all three counts.

what is your goal with the machine? pick the one that gets you there.
I own a Mat Maestro from RCI who also makes the IMAT. My down time has been 1 week. The head was slightly damaged in shipping. Other than that the machine has run fine.
They are still fine-tuning the software which every company does.
I ran an order of 5300 mats which had the machine working 8 hrs a day. With full attention it could produce 60 mats an hour, much more than I ever did on a manual cutter.

Just make sure you explore all your options.
I based mine largely on price. (You will get what you pay for).

Feel free to e-mail me if you would like any
more of my thoughts on the subject.

Jim S.
A further question about computerized mat cutters - does it make sense to buy one if your shop cuts only about 30 - 40 mats a day?
And what about if the mats are mostly "normal" i.e. not a bunch of really tricky things (I know it pays in that case!)
We are considering this purchase, too, but still aren't sure. IMAT just sent us a flyer with a seemingly great price and good financing...Our human mat cutter is the best in the business! for accuracy, excellent corners and speed, but she is only human!!!!
Thanks, Lyn
Hi Lynn, I'm your neighbor in Cornelius. I was known as "Princess Mat Cutter" and could cut just about anything, but was the only one in the store that could cut mats. I've had to be out a little over 2 months & had it not been for the Wizard, my shop would have shut down. Even if you don't cut a bunch of mats daily, it has been worth it to us. E-mail or call if you have anymore questions.