imat new software


True Grumbler
Jul 5, 2001
Aberdeen, WA USA
Recently, the people who used to work for Marvin at Imat/mat maestro started their own support company for imats (GK enterprises) and released a new version of the software. Did anyone else buy the upgrade, and if so how does it work? I think its an improvement or maybe a big one, depending on what version you were running. It does have some problems though, and its versatility is somewhat limited. GK says they were able to get many cutters operational. Does anyone have any experience here? Thanks.

Thanks for posting that question. Framer modified this forum so that Mat Maestro users, among others, would have a place to share information about just that kind of thing.

I believe Judy Nansel bought the new software. Her email is but I hope she sees this and posts here, as I'm sure others would like to hear about her impressions of the new software.

I myself am using a Beta test version of 2.0 and have found it to be a BIG improvement over v1.6, but I'm having mechanical problems that the software cannot help with and have been cutting a lot of mats by hand. Until I get that resolved, I won't buy the new software.
We did purchase the new software. We like it very much. It is still does not allow for the 1/16 bevel on the outside. We compensate by adding a 1/16 to the mat border size. My daughter does most of the CMC cutting as I want her to know it well because in a few years she will be taking over the business. She has had a few problems which I will tell about later. We have been in the middle of a huge remodel ( thousands of dollars and counting argghhh!) It does appear to cut most of the designs . I just hope they can get it up to the ease of say the Eclipse....have you guys seen it in action? Very good machine . Also the Fletcher is a good one. But we just hope the improvements on this one will pay off and we can keep it for a few more years. GK was telling me before that they may have a new head in the works for the machine also. We are lucky in that ours has always worked fairly well but limited to ovals and rectangle cuts . It is refreshing to talk to GK ...they seem to really care ..unlike you know who!!