iMat/Mat Maestro/RCI



Because I'm on a reference list as a "satisfied" iMat/Mat Maestro user, I've been getting calls from nervous, but generally polite, framers all over the country who 1)Have a working CMC from RCI, but are wondering if they'll ever be able to get upgrades, supplies or service (my situation) or 2)Have a non-working CMC for which they are unable to get parts or service or 3) Have paid for a CMC, but have not received one. One guy I talked to had his check for $10,000 cashed by RCI on 4/20, 3 days after they apparently filed bankruptcy.
I'm in the very early stages of gathering names and email addresses of people in one of these 3 situations in order to share info. I'm not interested in making a full-time job out of this or in duplicating someone else's efforts, but if you might have some interest in participating in this effort, I'd love to hear from you.
For the record, I have a CF4060 that I purchased in August of 2000. In general, it's doing the job, but some day it'll break down, just like everything else does.

Ron Eggers
The Total Picture
Appleton, WI