imat cutting speed


True Grumbler
Jul 5, 2001
Aberdeen, WA USA
When it works, the imat cutter has an adjustable speed setting. Does anyone know how to get this to work? I change the setting but it has no effect. If you are cutting small circles or sharp curves, the cutter would do a better job if it cut more slowly. Thats why I would like to slow it down. I'm using a beta version of matsoft 2.0 except for circles, where I use multicut 1.7. Circles won't cut completely out on the beta 2.0

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Are you looking at the speed settings in the configurations properties? Mine are all grayed out, but I don't care. The default setting is still WAY faster than I can cut them by hand. Or are you looking at the RCI Converter Control Software (Run Speed.) I'll try to email you some contacts that are working with the software. What version are you using?

Isn't that the way it goes? You ask a question, and the response you get is four more questions.