I'm DONE!!

Cliff Wilson

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Industry Vendor
May 14, 2002
Worcester, MA
Yes, finished! With this order I mean!

Sorry, had to brag a little. Some of you that have been doing this for a while probably don't think much on this, but it was quite an accomplishment for me and I had to tell someone! :D

Recieved this order on Monday 3/29 and had to have it finished by Monday 4/12! Two weeks. THIRTY double openings with fillets, linen top mat and rag under mat, UV Acrylic for glazing plus one "larger" 4 opening framed similar with a larger moulding. DID IT!!! YEAH!!!!!! Here's a picture


Thanks to Larson, Don Mar and Bainbridge for getting me materials!!! Not an easy task!

Also thanks to my Wizard! Couldn't have done it without ya!

and, Thanks for listening!
Yes Sherry, it feels very good!

Well, I am working late to catch up a little on the regular orders that got behind.

But, then I am going home to a glass of wine and helping my wife get ready for the Easter crowd! ;)
Excellent job Cliff! It must have felt like you ran a marathon. Congratulations.

nice job

what frame and fillet did you use?

The moulding was Larson's Academie 403235 on the 30 and Academie 573235 on the single larger one. These are gifts to ministers and government officials in South Korea. The proclamations and photos are of the Korean War Memorial build in Worcester and unveiled last November. The customer wanted something that looked "rich" and "American." I thought the federalist style of the academie was a good fit.

Used B4963 Champagne Linen and B8634 White Rag. (I wanted an off white rag under mat, but the customer REALLY wanted the white one. Looks good though) There were only 6 of the linens available in New England, but Bainbridge got ten more to Don Mar for me who got them straight to me in time!

Had to starch and paper hinge all papers and mylar corner the photos.

Congrats! This won't be your last job like this, now that you've proven yourself.

I like the way you've packaged them for the pick up--very professional looking!
Helping your wife for the Easter crowd, after all that work, is a wonderful thing!!

If I lived where you did, I'd run for Copley Square for the night!! I LOVE that area!!!

Wine at home sounds right though. Perhaps some other time!
Good for you Cliff! It looks like you did an amazing job. I'd kill to get an order like that right about now. How did you price it out? I don't need to know the retail of them but I am just wondering how you went about securing the deal. Did you bid on it? Ihaven't handled that big of an order here yet.

Actually, the gentleman who placed the order also has a private "Presidential Museum" here in Worcester. About 1200 sq ft of gallery dedicated to old papers and photos. I have been "courting" him for about 6 months and some months ago he agreed that I could be "his framer." He does one to three dozen "high end" multi-open designs a year. Some of them are double sided and hinged, etc. His main interest is preservation and workmanship.

So, when this job came up, he just called me, told me what he wanted and said "how much?" I gave him the price and he said "OK." The thirty with tax was $8500. I made enough profit to be happy with the deal, but you always wonder about it??!?? I

am convinced that no other framer in the area could have finished them in time. They either don't have a CMC or have other issues. (like sick spouses, etc.) But, I don't think he knows that.

Barb, I package every job the same way. Clear plastic bag with corrogated corners over the back so the plastic protects the moulding fromt he cardboard.
Nice Clif! We might finally be seeing the end of a project we started over a year ago to do the plaques for the World War II memorial in town. We just received what should be about the last of the frames, another 100, making the total so far 700 of these we have done. No mats involved but we have scanned and restored every picture plus typed and printed each bio. I've got about 20 pictures left to restore but all the bios we've received so far are typed and waiting. We should have this last 100 done by Thursday.
Way to go Cliff!!

They look terrific and you should be proud. I am sure you will reap many more benefits from this than just the profit!!

Happy Easter,