If You Want to Feel Really Stupid...


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Jul 30, 1997
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sit around a doctor's office and read the February issue of PCWorld. It's a really good magazine, readable, interesting, entertaining, and illustrative of how many boatloads of information you don't possess. It reminds one of the Russian boxes where you open one which reveals another smaller, which reveals another, on into infinity.

We've bought a digital camera: we're just beginning the questions. We need a new printer: questions continue. Bought and installed MSOffice XP: more manuals. Camera dock manual? PowerPoint Help?

They say your mind stays agile if you learn new skills as you age. Do they ever connect aging with trying to learn these new skills?
Well, I may be able to fully understand the PC World magazine ads and articles, but **** if I have no clue how to fix my car if it broke, much less even know how to change the oil..

It may have something to do with the fact that I spend at least an hour a day reading tech related news and 0 time learning anything about the inner workings of an automobile.
I have patience for most things, but I have no patience for "tech" stuff. I have digital camera, which I don't use. I have a cell phone I don't use. The computer gives me a headache if I'm on too long, and I only know enough to get by. Maybe if I were 100 years younger, this stuff would appeal to me more.
PC World is a very fine consumer magazine, MM, but if you really want to feel stupid, pick up one of the magazines for IT professionals some time.

For a while, I was getting one of those each month, though I didn't order it. It could have been written in Serbian. Even the pictures made no sense to me.