If I show you mine......


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Nov 19, 2002
United Kingdom, West Sussex Coast. (Bottom centre)
Will you show me yours?

It's been suggested that The Grumble has got boring! WOW - are you telling me it gets better than this? I've only really been at it since Dec.

Also been suggested that getting into other's shops is very popular, so here we go.

Our place is an Aladdin's cave - husbands and wives have lost each other here - bit of a maze

This is the view from near the counter to the door, greetings cards, 2 glass cabinets, each with one row of revolving and one row of fixed glass shelves, (crystal porcelain & ceramics) then more cards. Needlework kits on the beams, framed art on the left, mostly out of shot. Gift boxes in the foreground (sold flat)


And this is looking left as you enter or hang a right at bottom of above photo.

Some wool, lots of card spinners, ready-made frames (there is a large supporting pillar there, they go all around it) print browsers (many out of shot) Framed stuff on tensioned wires (back of window display) big picture with boat is a £4000 ($7000) original by Adam Barsby, bought it because we loved it, six years ago! Last week put it in the window saying if it didn't sell it's going in our dining room, had the hooks in place ready. Sold it yesterday biggest single sale we have ever had - GUTTED!


The greetings cards in the foreground have little frames on - fridge magnets.
You gotta lotta stuff there, John.

Picture # 4, on the bottom, the green stuff: Are those vegetables (limes??).

Nice big place indeed - you just need a spigot for Newcastle Pale Ale or maybe Boddington (my favorite) and you've cornered the market!!

PS: Can't post mine till I am back from my sick leave, maybe next week.
Originally posted by Paul N:

Picture # 4, on the bottom, the green stuff: Are those vegetables (limes??).

Nice big place indeed - you just need a spigot for Newcastle Pale Ale or maybe Boddington (my favorite) and you've cornered the market!!
The green things are paper punches - all sorts of shapes - for card-making. Latest shape is a tiny envelope, comes out creased for folding. Give you a photographic demo tomorrow - no - day off tomorrow - soon!

Have you tried McEwans export? not my favourite draught, but my favourite canned. Like Newcastle BROWN - ('Nuclear brown' - quite strong, dunno about Pale) Best beer I've ever tasted though is made in Lewes - not far from here 'Harveys'


Beer topic required.......

I like your shop - very charming!!

I gotta ask... what part of the business profit centers generates the highest sales/profits?

Also, I am a dormant rubber stamper - so that area intriqued me!!

Where is West Sussex coast? I have friends in the London area, Wales and Isle of Wight?

Thanks Roz,

Framing is King, but it's getting close to 50/50 (framing & art/everything else) although no single department on the 'everything else' side EVER beats framing. The thing we sell most of is ribbon!

We were primarily framing/art & needlecraft - stamping/cardmaking/scrapbooking has evolved by demand - VERY popular.

Isle of Wight? used to cycle there from here (would write me off now!) I am from Wales (North)
Wife from London.

If you click on the link below and type in my postcode - BN164EA, then keep zooming out - you'll see where we are - I posted the link to the map after doing that but it made the topic page go really wide!

I love Pictures!! Those were great. It makes me want to add more inventory to my little shop, but alas there's just no room.

Your's looks like a wonderful place to work. I do sometimes wish my shop was bigger with more people working and alot more going on.

I know I would just get overwhelmed with it all.
I just love being around other people.

Thank you Roboframer for livin up the place!!

Come everybody, Lets see your store!!

Very nice shop, John
You certainly seem to have a lot of space to display all the various items that you have for sale. Your wall display of framed pieces is very nicely done.
Wow, that's a lot of inventory!
Originally posted by DB:
Wow, that's a lot of inventory!
That ain't half of it .. loads of needlecraft, haberdashery (means needles & pins etc here - means mens apparel over there, I think!) and of course the design counter, which you would laugh at - I've been painted into a corner - but it'll change.