Identifying Glass CutOffs


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Jul 30, 1997
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Oh, whoa to us who don't label them. Any ideas? CC is brown on the edge, regular is green, Denglas has a weird feeling to it and reflects green. AR reflects blue and is also somewhat weird feeling. God forbid I'd not recognize Museum, but how? Then there's PV which looks like NG coated two sides. PVCC is brown on the edge. IP has sparkles as flaws.

Could just trash all the littlies, but am still left with a bunch.

I can't retire: I have too much stuff. :( (And I know someone will ask how I ended up with all these different kinds. I guess the answer is fifteen years of pack-ratting, even with the occasional dramatic pitch fit.)
We have bins that are labeled. As long as you put them in the right place, no need to label the individual pieces.

We stock glass (four kinds) in every size. Our scraps are usually an inch or two so we don't end up with very many scraps.
After I cut off my glass I put the cut-off back into the box it came out of. If it is too small to use I shatter it into a metal trash can.

I got to this point after I tried to recognize what glass went where. I figured my time was worth more money to me framing than to be sorting out glass scraps. Besides when I found a piece that would work it invariably had a scratch in it that made it unusable!

Sort the ones you know, Smash the ones you don't, and start clean again!
Most of the glass we use these days tends to scratch and needs to be wrapped back up. So, I wrap it and write the size and the type on the wrapping. But, I chuck a good deal of it too. My price structure on glass is to charge by the lite instead of UI or skware feet. So, unless there is a sizable piece left over I toss since it is paid for.