Identifying art prints

sue@granite bank

Grumbler in Training
Jun 13, 2004
Quincy, IL
This is only my second visit to this forum and I know this website and forum is for the framing industry, but I am looking for some help. Does anyone know of a website to aid in identifying art prints. I can't make out the artists signature and have looked through all the print books we have in stock. Have even searched the normal well known print websites. I will only know the prints when I see them so I can't search by text only. I can describe the prints and have scanned a photo of the framed prints on the customers wall but I couldn't enlarge the photo enough to make out the artist's signature.
Sue, Sometimes there is information on the bottom front of the print. On newer prints you usually find publisher, title, artist and print number all listed. Problem is, the picture must be dis-assembled.....and there is no guarantee that the information will be there. Worth a try sometimes, if you need to know badly!