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Cliff Wilson

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May 14, 2002
Worcester, MA
A good customer came in with the following:


She has another photo she would like to add to the display. She would "LOVE" to find a new one of these with five "watch frames" in it. Barring that she is open to suggestions. I talked about a five circle opening mat in a frame and she will do that but not be super happy. If I could get some "watch frames" to put in a frame it would make her happier.

OR, any other suggestions?????

Don't ya love it when you are asked to remake the wheel!!

Suggest she search online for the display she has brought you. I'd start on Ebay! I tend to get "caught up" in these searches for my customers and quite frankly when I am not too busy it's okay but not when I have a healthy stream of work.

Good luck...
I would give her the name of a good woodworker and she could then have one made to her specifications.
There is a company called Klockit that sells picture frame inserts that look like watches They also sell the drill bits to drill holes in wood to insert these frames. If you have a drill press this is an easy and profitable project to take on. They also have pre-drilled wood but I only see 4 holes in there catalogue.
Well, as usual, I didn't give you enough info.

The circles are 2 1/4" diameter and the "mounting board" is felt(suede?) covered. She has no problem with a reframing, she just would like it to look "sorta the same."

A suede mat with cutout circles and "watch fobs" embedded, with a frame around it, would be fine. (Problem: she only has four watch fobs.)

Gerard, I went to that site and it looks promising, but I couldn't find just "the outside part." Did I miss something?
If by "Outside" part you mean the wood part, check out their weather stations. Could laminate mat board to a piece of pine or MDF and drill through it to place your inserts and then frame around that as normal?
Sorry, for not being clear again.

I mean the metal circles with the small convex glass in them. building a "holder" whether it's wood, covered wood, or covered mat board. Or whether I put it inside a frame package or not is a matter of design. (and not that difficult) BUT, I only have four of those metal circles with the "loop" on top that the pictures go in, and I need FIVE.

Short of finding a matching fifth one, I am trying to figure out how to do five circles rimmed in "gold/metal/wood?" that will at least emulate the locket/watch look she has now.
Cliff, i know it is a needle in a haystack sort of thing but I see those frames from time to time in the antique stores usually with little flower arrangements or something in them. I wonder if they could be found on Ebay? Not sure what I would put in as a description......but it seems they have everything on Ebay.....

Good luck!
Try placing the metal pieces you do have on a color photocopier. Carefully cut out the results, and glue them around openings in an appropriate color of suede mat. this would go outside the glass in a frame package, to keep the look. This might be enough to simulate the appearance your customer wants.

You may be able to find acrylic or glass watch glasses at a local hobby store or clock repair shop, is that is important.
Try searching the site for "picture frame inserts". Also wood turning catalogues and shops have the bezels and lenses available. Big box hobby stores of course have them also!